What is the demonstration, how is it practiced and why is it fashionable?

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    In an interview with Oprah, Viola Davis reveals how she asked God for exactly the kind of man she was looking for. Shortly after, she appeared, and although with this beginning this seems like a text devoted to faith, she is actually about the manifestation. Its about method through which we make real and tangible something that existed only in our imagination, and from Lady Gaga to Ariana Grande they trust it. In fact, on Demi Lovato’s Twitter account, the singer wrote in 2010 that one day she would sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl… Something she did in 2020. We must add, however, that while it is true that it is more It is possible for Demi to achieve it, for whoever signs this text to achieve it, not only are they famous, but millions of TikTok users, who have taken a liking to the art of demonstration.

    There are millions of videos that teach how to manifest, something that was actually made fashionable in 2006 by Rhonda Byrne with her best-selling book ‘The secret’. The truth is that many laughed at the production company, because its thought of ‘new age’ dyes defends that good things will happen to you if you have enough positive thoughts. There are even those who laugh at his philosophy for ensuring that it is nothing more than mere autosuggestion… “But we autosuggestion all day, every day! We don’t see the world as it is, but through our filters, created by our upbringing, culture, life experience, emotions, values, and beliefs. We see reality as we are, and we continue to create it in our image and likeness. Manifesting is about “cleaning” and changing the negative filters that prevent us from seeing and taking advantage of opportunities, and changing them for empowering filters. It’s not about toxic positivity or repeating “I’m happy” until you are. It is about raising our belief system and the map of the world to the level of the reality that we want to live, in order to create it more easily”, clarifies Maïté Issa, expert coach in manifestation and author of the ‘bestseller’ ‘Your Success is Inevitable’ .

    The difference is that the new generations are discovering this thesis through the social networks. Although of course it was during the confinement when this practice reached its peak, currently, as Google indicates, people continue to investigate it with special zeal, because in times of uncertainty, hope is calm.

    “Our objectives are nothing more than ideas waiting to be materialized”

    “100% of everything that exists around us starts from an idea. Everything that is, was first gestated in the invisible. Everything you have and see are nothing more than ideas that became matter. Our objectives are nothing more than ideas waiting to be materialized. The demonstration allows us to have a clear step by step to get there”, explains Maïté Issa.

    “In full uncertainty, it allows you to recover a little certainty, faith and trust”

    “In Spain it is a relatively new theme. In my beginnings I had to continually define the term “manifest” in social networks, because almost nobody knew what it meant. I think that in these post-covid years, people have been searching for meaning. We have realized that the way we lived did not allow us to create the happiness that we seek so much. This has created an interest in the practice that, in the midst of global uncertainty, allows us to recover a bit of certainty, faith and trust”, says the person in charge of the podcast ‘Tu successo es inevitabilidad’, number 1 in the Spanish-speaking world in demonstration themes.

    “Magical thinking is like believing in Santa Claus and calling it the universe, because it sounds cooler”

    In recent months there has been a lot of talk about the lucky girl syndrome and many voices irremediably link it to the demonstration. What is the difference, if it exists? “From my perspective, the lucky girl syndrome does more harm than anything else to the concept of manifesting. It is the typical example of a childish understanding of manifestation, seeing the universe as a “providing father” who completely disregards self-responsibility. People who focus their message on rituals, such as writing wishes, are based on magical thinking, which leads them to hope that the wishes they ask for will reach them by a miracle. Basically, it is to believe in Santa Claus again and call it the universe, because it sounds ‘cooler’”, says Maïté Issa.

    “In a society in which we have learned to give our power and authority to another since school, it is an understandable tendency. It is the ‘other’ who will allow me to have what I want in my life. Manifesting, from the healthy adult perspective, starts from vision to behavior, going through the work of limiting beliefs, self-concept and ego. It is a deep reprogramming of the person’s conscious and subconscious mind, so that they free themselves from the unconscious saboteurs that keep them from achieving their goals, no matter how many times they have tried”, says the expert in manifesting.

    nuance that practice It does not mean visualizing and waiting, but freeing yourself from the unconscious blocks that held you back while you continue to take action towards your goal. Although vision boards, affirmations, even writing your own goals are very valid tools, make it clear that they are by no means the main part that allows you to create results in your life.

    How does a wish manifest itself?

    We ask the ‘coach’ expert in manifestation how to learn to manifest a specific desire

    1. Choose what desire you want to express and give it a purpose or a “what for”. The greater the purpose, the more energy and motivation we put into it, and therefore the better the results.
    2. Make it list of limiting beliefs What do you have about it? These are all the reasons my brain throws at me to convince me that what I want is impossible, inappropriate or not legitimate.
    3. Break those beliefs. To get started, find ‘counter examples’ that show you that people who are in the same situation as you have been able to do it. Nourish your mind empowering content and surround yourself with people who believe in your future.
    4. Be the woman who has already made it. Beyoncé often talks about her ‘alter ego’, whom she called Sasha Fierce, to whom she attributes all her success. It’s a version of her who already had the confidence of the successful woman he wanted to become. It’s about putting yourself in her shoes every day and training yourself to think, feel and act as she would.
    5. Take inspired action. Too many times, people remain paralyzed by analysis, for fear of make a bad decision or because they do not know for sure the results they will achieve.
    6. Release and be ready to receive. Anxiety and haste are emotions that keep us trapped in a loop of dissatisfaction that, consequently, leads us to manifest more things to be dissatisfied with. To let go, realize that as much as you want to achieve, your life is also very good now. Focus on falling in love with her even more and on being grateful every day for the details you forget.

      “If you have a wish, it is your destiny to fulfill it”

      The author of ‘Your Success is Inevitable’ makes a final clarification. “Remember that your success is inevitable and that you are always on the right path. What does that mean? That at each step you have one of only two options: get what you want or receive the learning you needed to get it next time. Failure exists only if you decide to quit along the way. If you have a wish, it is your destiny to fulfill it, period,” she explains.

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