What is the exit clause that Yeison Mejía signed with Real España?

Real España announced the renewal of the Honduran striker Yeison Mejiasomething that was a priority for both the club’s board and the fans.

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The ’12’ aurinegro emerged as one of the team’s figures last year, where the club reached two finals that unfortunately they lost against olympia Y motaguarespectively.

The good year for Yeison was very profitable, so much so that he was called to the Honduran National Team and, also, aroused the interest of European clubs such as olympia, motagua Y marathon.

With the first two clubs, the player and his entourage came closer but could not negotiate openly due to the gentlemen’s agreement between the three teams not to touch footballers.

Marathón, who is excluded from it, did go further and offered a very high salary to the fast footballer, this with all the intention of snatching it from the machine, his staunch rival in the city.

Added to that, Yeison Mejia also had to decline a football offer from Greece since the salary offered did not even exceed what the Royal Spain I was giving it as a renewal concept.

Adding all these details, the best option, for today, for the player was to renew his agreement with the Sampedrana entity, a signature that will last until January 2025 (two years). The player will belong to the aurinegro club for the next four National League tournaments.

– The clause in your contract –

Of course, the player and the agent still have possibilities to emigrate. Yeison Mejia agreed with him Royal Spain sign a contract with a clause to go abroad with an expiration date.

TEN learned that the striker signed the paper but within it he explains that if he gets a tempting offer from abroad before January 31, the player will decide whether to leave or stay. It will depend exclusively on him.

Yes Yeison Mejia From now until January 31, 2022, nothing is specified in foreign football, he will be part of the squad of the Royal Spain for him Closing-2023 and under the tutelage of the Uruguayan Julio Rodriguez.

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