what is the hair trend ‘doll hair’ and why it triumphs among the ‘celebrities’

This September has been a month full of events and red carpets, from Fashion Week to the most important European film festivals, so the trend radar has been running at full throttle. After having analyzed all the looks, it seems that, for this fall, we have a winning style when it comes to hair: the so-called ‘doll hair’.

This styling brings to mind the hairstyles worn by dolls from our childhood, such as Barbies, Nancys or porcelain dolls. So this style recaptures a classic beauty that is updated to adapt to our times: childish but sophisticated, simple but very flattering, with a naive but powerful point.

we have seen a lot in big ‘celebrities’ like Zendaya or Ariana Grande, but she has also been widely followed on the national scene with Penélope Cruz and María Pombo. In addition, this hairstyle has triumphed on the most important catwalks of the autumn-winter 22/23 season, such as Chanel’s.

Kylie Jenner

On many occasions it has appeared in his version more striking and easy to do, like the ponytail, since it is one of the simple and comfortable hairstyles to gather the hair, revealing the length of the hair and sharpening and lengthening the features of the face. However, its greatest quality comes from its ability to adapt to all styles, going from a casual look to a waste of elegance.

Penelope Cruz proves that doll hair is not just for 20-somethings
Penelope Cruz proves that doll hair is not just for 20-somethings

“At first glance, it might seem that the The ‘doll hair’ style is reserved for the youngest, but nothing could be further from the truth. Its versatility and the way in which it manages to highlight the features of the face through the different volumes give it a great rejuvenating effect”, explains Mª José Llata, director of Peluquería Llata ​​Carrera.

Penélope Cruz dared with this look when receiving the 2022 National Film Award. As the expert explains, “with this hairstyle the face is clear and slightly firmed, thanks to the high position of the ponytail. The higher volume also raises the focus of attention and achieves an anti-gravity effect. It is a hairstyle that exudes naturalness, but at the same time it is very elegant”.

We’ve seen this look on her more glamorous version worn by Zendaya at the 2022 Emmy Awards gala, where she received the statuette for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her role in the hit series euphoria. Undoubtedly, Zendaya also triumphed on the red carpet with her black satin dress with a sweetheart neckline, by Valentino.

Zendaya with her Emmy Award for 'Euphoria'
Zendaya with her Emmy Award for ‘Euphoria’

As for the hair, “everyone fell in love with a hair full of volume, clearly inspired by ‘Old Hollywood’. The headband, matching the fabric of her dress, adds a more innocent and childish, appealing to the purest beauty and free of filters. In addition, this accessory manages to emphasize the transition between the two textures: polished in the frontal area and with extra volume in the rest of the hair. The finish is very striking, but balanced”, says Llata.

You don’t have to put it up in any way to get the ‘doll hair’ look, as Sabrina Carpenter demonstrates. The singer shows that we can wear this look in our day to day if a suitable hair base is worked on.

Sabrina Carpenter at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards
Sabrina Carpenter at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards

“Blonde tones are the most appropriate to soften the features and bring a lot of light to the face. In her case, it is a light but very natural blonde, with different heights to add movement and depth to her long hair. The long, parted fringe is the ideal accessory to emphasize the result. that we are looking for and, without a doubt, it will be one of the great trends for this fall. The secret of this spectacular hair is to take good care of it so that it looks this healthy”, the expert tells us.

Who has also not been able to resist this look has been María Pombo. The ‘influencer’ attended the J’adore de Dior event on September 28 with quite a ‘preppy’ style in which this so sixties ponytail that champions the ‘doll hair’ hairstyle and that has fascinated us.

Maria Pombo at the 'photocall' of J'adore by Dior
Maria Pombo at the ‘photocall’ of J’adore by Dior

The simplicity and sophistication of this look makes us want to adapt it both on special days and for the most mundane tasks. Luckily, to achieve this updo with a professional and impeccable result, the Jean Louis David experts have told us step by step of this process.

This is how the ‘doll hair’ ponytail is done, according to experts

“The first and most important step to achieve looseness to the hair goes through deep cleanse and moisturize in such a way that we will eliminate the caking, we will provide shine and we will give an extra movement capacity to the collected”, they explain to us. For this they recommend the range Go Green by Jean Louis David, which eliminate the free radicals that the scalp accumulates and provide shine and an extra sensation of freshness to the hair.

“Once he hair is well polished and verifying that it does not have any imperfection, then you can collect the ponytail” says Pedro Moreno. This is undoubtedly the most important step. find the perfect place Where to place the ponytail is not an easy task and this is how the Jean Louis David expert lets us know, because as he explains “it is not the same to place a low ponytail or a very high ponytail. The important point is that which brings elegance to the hairstyle “.

Ariana Grande has made her trademark doll hair ponytail
Ariana Grande has made her trademark doll hair ponytail

The final touch to round out the ‘doll hair’? Glitter, glitter and more glitter. Getting that mirror effect from roots to ends is essential to outshine with our updo in any setting. “To get a lot of shine in the mane, we will start by applying mirror-effect lacquer to the gathered part, in order to guarantee that it will remain throughout the evening with that magical touch”, adds the expert, and then recommends the Fix-Spray of the range go-style by Jean-Louis David.

Lastly, they remind us not to neglect the ends of our hair and crown our look with healthy, luminous hair without any frizz. To do this, we end up with apply a few drops of hair oil to the ponytail (previously heated with the hands) and we extend it for its entire length. Done, you already have the perfect ‘doll hair’ style ponytail for any occasion.

Chanel Terrero at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid

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