What is the Havana syndrome and why it is talked about

We return to talk in the United States of America of the Havana syndrome, with four other diplomats struck between the cities of Geneva, Switzerland, and Paris, France. Over the past 5 years approximately 200 cases clinical, which still represent one of the greatest mysteries of modern medicine.

The same US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, he explained that rigorous investigations and studies are underway to understand what really affected Americans. In fact, it is feared that behind the illnesses reported by the employees of embassies and consulates to the stars and stripes there may be attacks by enemy countries.

What is the mysterious Havana syndrome that affects US and Canadian diplomats

We started talking about the Havana syndrome for the first time in 2017, with the publication of various news stories dating back to the year before, of sudden discomfort felt by the CIA personnel and by the US and Canadian diplomatic corps stationed in the capital of Cuba.

Over the years, the Havana syndome would have affected an impressive number of senior defense and intelligence officials use And Canada, without however affecting their families and their collaborators. And for this reason there are numerous theories born in military circles to explain the phenomenon.

What is Havana syndrome, what are the symptoms – it all starts with a loud buzz

The disturbance would occur in two stages, manifesting in most cases with a forte hum or by a slight pressure on the head felt by the affected person. This would be followed by headaches, nausea, dizziness, problems affecting the auditory system and vision.

In the second phase, on the other hand, medium and long-term symptoms and disorders would emerge, also of a cognitive type and affecting the sensory organs. Some diplomats started wearing hearing aids after the events described, others were declared unable to work.

What Causes Havana Syndrome: Microwave Weapons, Crickets, or Mass Hysteria?

The theory most often talked about in relation to the Havana syndrome is that of sonic weapons that use the technologies of radio frequencies pulsate and of microwave. In fact, exposure to these stimuli can cause a very similar symptomatological picture, also known as the Frey effect.

According to various theories, the weapons would be owned by the Russia, from the China or even of the same States United, whereas all three countries admitted they did experiments with pulsed radio frequencies and microwaves, and there is a historical precedent known as the Moscow signal.

However, critics underline that with current knowledge it is still impossible to direct impulses with the precision surgery of a laser, selectively targeting only US and Canadian officials. No evidence was found to confirm this hypothesis.

Another theory which has been widely credited, but which has never been confirmed and which would neither justify the selectivity of the Havana syndrome nor why it also occurs in other cities, is that of the direction of a particular type of cricket present in Cuba, the frequencies of which have been recorded in several studies conducted on the Caribbean island.

Among the various possible solutions to the mystery, those of a signal a have also been proposed ultrasound of obsolete equipment of the Cuban army, of the use of pesticides, of groups of pathogens present in the environment and even of a phenomenon of mass hysteria.

In short, the Havana syndrome still remains a mystery. What is certain is that the reports are multiplying, and last summer it even caused inconvenience for the trip in Vietnam by the vice president of the United States, Kamala Harris, among the 10 most happy women in the world, here is the list.

Cuba is one of the nations that has decided to focus heavily on health and science. In Havana, 5 anti Covid vaccines are being tested, as anticipated here. We have told you here about the great expectations of the Cuban vaccine, Soberana 01.

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