What is the kardashian curse that affects Bad Bunny

The Kardashians are one of America’s best-known families. His networks span everything: the world of fashion, makeup, television, entertainment and, most recently, social justice. However, a “curse” falls on them that more than affecting their work, it seems to affect everyone who is related to them.

A few days after Bad Bunny was seen kissing Kendall Jenner, the singer has received a complaint of 37 million euros. His ex, Carliz De La Cruz Hernández, assures that before he broke up with the artist from a summer without you, recorded with his mobile a phrase that has now become internationally known. her voice saying “Bad Bunny baby” is heard in the songs for you and two thousand 16by the Puerto Rican singer, both with more than 200 million views on Spotify.

The curse begins years ago

Conspiracy theories are one of the favorite topics of social networks and fans are the most observant viewers in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that the followers of the Kardashian family have caught a trend in all those people who relate to Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Rob, Kendall and Kylie.

It all starts with Scott Disickthe father of the children of Kourtney Kardashian, with whom the businesswoman had a relationship for over a decade. It was he himself who spoke of the curse in an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

He claimed that his life seemed cursed by the number of obstacles which he had had to face despite the enormous fame he has enjoyed thanks to the rise of the Kardashians. The businessman has lost his parentshas dealt with addictions and in the last season of reality showed his new challenge: face a post kourtney life where his only family separates him. Now that the eldest of Kris Jenner’s daughters has married Travis Barker, Scott feels isolated.

As far as his business projects are concerned, he doesn’t seem to have hit the nail on the head either. and the cases of Kylie, Kim and Khloe they show that fame can be a great catapult for a successful business.

In the case of Rob Kardashian, black china he did not consider it an urban legend but a direct cause of the action of the sisters. According to the rapper, mother of Rob’s daughter, both Kim and Khloé and Kris Jenner conspired to take away career opportunities. The law declared that they were not guilty, but surely history gave wings to the conspiracy.

The basketball world knows her well

Everyone knows the special favor that the Kardashian sisters have for basketball. In 2009, Khloe Kardashian married Lamar Odom after a brief month of romance. They starred in their own realitybut fame was a real drag in the power forward career.

He played for the Lakers in the golden years of the Los Angeles team, but despite having a great season, the team stayed in the Semifinals of the Championship. At the end of the season, Lamar was involved in a car accident in which a 15-year-old teenager died.

Kim has been to several football matches in Europe
Kim has been to several football matches in Europe

The problems with substances began to rule Lamar’s life, as he himself has recounted a posteriori. As her marriage and his career collapsed, his health was deteriorating by leaps and bounds. They separated in 2013 and, after signing the divorce papers in 2015, the basketball player suffered an overdose. Khloé stood by him.paralyzing even the divorce process, which did not become effective until 2016.

It’s not the only one. Kim Kardashian’s second husband Kris Humphries, was married to the influencers for only 72 days but that wedding has always haunted him. When they began their relationship, the Brooklyn Nets player was one of the favorites in the NBA, but since 2011 his career began to decline.

Sports fans did not appreciate the rumors that his relationship with Kim had been a publicity stunt for the reality. His reputation fell to historic lows and he never managed to recover the statistics of that golden year.

The last one to face that bad luck that came to the courts was Devin Booker. The player dated Kendall Jenner between 2020 and 2022, when he was experiencing his best moment in the NBA as part of the Phoenix team. However, the set has run out of two play offs and the athlete has suffered significant injuries in these two years.

The tragic chaos of Astroworld

Not all cases are merely anecdotal. some are spattered by tragedy, as is the case of Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend and father of her two children. The artist premiered his most popular album to date, Astroworld in 2021, after the birth of their daughter Stormi.

To promote it, he made an impressive tour of festivals that culminated with a show in Houston (Texas) on November 5, 2021. More than 50,000 people attended, leading to chaos as crowds pushed onto the stage. More than three hundred people were injured and ten people died, of whom the youngest was only 9 years old.

just a few months later Travis Scott reached a private settlement with the families of the victims. However, the trauma will remain in music history forever.

The most scandalous case: Kanye West

The rise and fall from grace of Kanye West is one of the myths of recent pop culture. the artist was one of the highest rated rappers of the industry in the late 2000s, although the first incident with Taylor Swift had already sparked criticism. In 2012, after years of trying to conquer Kim Kardashian it was confirmed that they were together. Over the course of the next decade, the couple has faced all kinds of controversies.

Kim and Kanye at the 2019 Met Gala
Kim and Kanye at the 2019 Met Gala

When it seemed that the strongest was the one that faced Kanye and Taylor for the song Famous, the artist ran for the US elections and began to flirt with the extreme right. Before the rapper launched into pronouncing anti-Semitic speeches and praising Hitler, Kim had already filed for divorce. However, of course the scandal affected the reputation of both.

Kim took advantage of her new stage as a single to try new alternatives. Partnered with Balenciaga and became the visible face of the brand during a promotional tour where fashion spoke for itself. A year later the scandal splashed the house: a promotional campaign with children in inappropriate situations was harshly criticized. They have not yet recovered.

AND her relationship with Pete Davidson? The comedian began to stand out in the industry after years going unnoticed in Saturday night Live. His projects were being released and he left behind the image of Ariana Grande’s ex. But after eight years on America’s most famous comedy show, the artist decided to leave. He assured that it was to undertake new projects, and it is true that he has four films pending release, but for the moment… silence.

Kim and Pete Davidson at the 2022 Met Gala
Kim and Pete Davidson at the 2022 Met Gala

One more way to blame women

The “Kardashian curse” is little more than a series of curious coincidences, but there is certainly a deeper analysis. Perhaps instead of witchcraft is that no one wants to see the sisters succeed America’s most famous? Or is it easier to blame women than the pressures of fame?

Especially considering that, when each of these men have suffered from the controversies in which they have been involved, the family has closed ranks. Not even in Lamar’s worst moments has Khloé spoken ill of her ex-husband. Kim has never lashed out at the father of her children.

Silence is your best ally and, at the same time, it is a double-edged sword that is currently being used against you. Several media have published that the era of the Kardashian family is over.

The absence of information about a new season of the reality on Disney + seems to indicate that the audience data is low. The controversies weigh: not only that of Kim and Balenciaga, but also that of Kendall and her brand of tequila, for which she has been accused of cultural appropriation. And, on top of that, it has been published that they will not be on the list of Met Gala guests. We will have to see it.

Most likely, this administrative silence is a way to hibernate before their new projects are known. In fact, it is known that Kim Kardashian is filming something with her children in Europe. It would, once again, be a master marketing tool by the family and its leader, Kris Jenner.

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