What is the series recommended by the richest man in Argentina: “Every entrepreneur should see it”

Marcos Galperin, the richest man in Argentina (Bloomberg).
Marcos Galperin, the richest man in Argentina (Bloomberg).

Mark Galperinthe founder of Mercado Libre and a historical benchmark for the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and the Argentine business community, vehemently recommended a series -based on a true story- to all his followers.

“Every entrepreneur should watch this series. Although it shows the darkest parts of Silicon Valley, you can’t stop watching it “wrote this Friday morning the richest man in Argentina through his Twitter account, where he gathers more than 240,8000 followers. In turn, in the same post he pointed out that is available in Latin America through Star+.

The series recommended by the Argentine businessman is “The Dropout”, starring the renowned actress Amanda Seyfried. The American embodies the controversial Elizabeth Holmes, a woman who established herself in real life as the “Steve Jobs of biotechnology” by promising to create an almost miraculous method of complete and non-invasive blood diagnosis that ended up costing him a conviction for massive fraud.

Marcos Galperin's Twitter post this Friday morning.
Marcos Galperin’s Twitter post this Friday morning.

Created by Elizabeth Merwether, “The Dropout” tells the plot of ambition, money, romance and deception that in 2015 put the eyes of the planet on Silicon Valleythat region of California where technology startups and young people with big dreams in the business world abound.

The series, which has been available for streaming since March 3, is the first of several productions on the fascinating case of the founder of Theranos.

It had been 12 years since Holmes, a former Stanford University student, made the decision to use her savings to found Theranos: a company specialized in the field of clinical laboratories.

With more and more prestigious investors, their guarantee was to develop a portable diagnostic kit that comprehensively analyzes a small blood sample without having to use syringes. However, even though the years passed, his plans never came to fruition.

The protagonists of the series Amanda Seyfried and Naveen Andrews in Los Angeles (REUTERS).
The protagonists of the series Amanda Seyfried and Naveen Andrews in Los Angeles (REUTERS).

We are getting closer” and “I need more funds” were the phrases that the CEO of the company repeated back then, when the market and interests were pressing. By that time, Holmes was already a billionaire recognized by Forbes magazine. However, she did not expect her own employees to turn the tables overnight.

In 2018, she was finally prosecuted along with her partner and COO of the firm, Ramesh Balwani, played by the British Naveen Andrews (mostly known as Sayid Jarrah in “Lost”). The trial, which began for fraud, ended last January when she was found guilty. That way, she could face 20 years in prison.

Perhaps it is the mystery that surrounds it, the curiosity about how it fell into a spiral of lies, how delicate the medical issue is for the public or all of that together, which makes this television adaptation a tempting and difficult piece to put down. half once you start it.

Renowned American actress Amanda Seyfried stars in "The Dropout”.
Renowned American actress Amanda Seyfried stars in “The Dropout.”

It is worth mentioning that although initially kate mckinnon He was going to play Holmes, later he withdrew from the project and Seyfried was chosen.

“The Dropout” has in its cast more recognized figures such as Stephen Fry, William H. Macy, Laurie Metcalf, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Alan Ruck and Kurtwood Smith, among others.

In the executive production, the series featured Elizabeth Meriwether, Liz Heldens, Liz Hannah, Katherine Pope, Rebecca Jarvis, Victoria Thompson, and Taylor Dunn. Michael Showalter directed several of the episodes in this joint Hulu, Searchlight Television, and 20th Television project.


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