What is the tiebreaker in the Concacaf World Cup Qualifying for Qatar 2022?

ESPN presents the tiebreaker criteria that Concacaf applies for the qualifying round to Qatar 2022, as well as the place in which Mexico is located with respect to its rivals

The Mexican team ranks third in the concacaf qualifier Course to Qatar 2022 with 22 points, tied with United Statesand both below Canada which adds 25 units, while Costa Rica is located in the reclassification position with 19 points and with two games to go before the conclusion of the confederation tournament, possible ties between nations become probable.

It remains for Mexico to visit Honduras and El Salvador; United States will receive Panama and travel to Costa Rica; Canada will play at home against Jamaica and will fly to Panama.

ESPN invites you to review the tiebreaker criteria used by the Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Soccer for the tie heading to Qatar 2022.

goal difference

The main tiebreaker in the concacaf qualifier is the goal difference between teams equal on points.

With this criterion, Mexico occupies the third step with +6 goals difference (14 for, 8 against), while United States records +9 goals (16 for, 7 against).

Canada is the leader with 25 points and +13 goals (19 for, 6 against) and Costa Rica He has 19 units with a +2 goal difference (7 for, two against).

goals scored

In case the goal difference is the same, the second criterion is the goals scored by the teams during the tie. In this line, Mexico (14) has a disadvantage against United States (16). Canada adds 19 goals against his confederation rivals and Costa Rica nine.

direct confrontations

Yes Mexico the eliminatory ends equal in points with one or more selections, the next tiebreaker item is the direct results of the selection against the combined ones with which they are in equal criteria.

I mean, yes Mexico arrives at this stage tied with United Statesthe ‘Stars and Stripes’ would get a better place, since El Tri lost 2-0 in their visit to Ohio and tied goalless at home.

On the other hand, if Costa Rica catches up with Mexico and the criteria are equal up to this point, El Tri would come out ahead thanks to the 0-1 victory in San José and the goalless draw at the Azteca Stadium.

Goal difference in direct confrontations

This criterion takes into account the difference in goals scored over goals conceded involving the two teams in question. For example, United States was imposed before Mexico 2 to 0 in Ohio, so they added +2 goals to their difference and the only way for El Tri to obtain this item in their favor was to achieve at least three goals and a clean sheet on the Azteca Stadium field, in in such a way that the goals favored him, however, it was tied without annotations.

Goals scored in direct confrontations

The next criterion is the number of goals that were scored in both duels involving the two tied teams, regardless of the goals conceded. For example, United States scored two goals against Mexicoso El Tri had to score three in the second duel to obtain this criterion in their favor.

Annotations as visitor

This tiebreaker principle is applied exclusively with two equal teams in the aforementioned aspects. this time Mexico and United States they are equal, as both teams did not score away from home.

playoff match

If the tie in previous items permeates up to this line, the ticket to the world Cup The playoff spot will be defined in neutral territory, with a playoff match that considers two extra periods of 15 minutes and shots from the penalty mark if necessary.

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