what is your new project about

The script is in charge of Ehren KrugerY Jerry Bruckheimer and, although they have not yet revealed details of its content, it is rumored that it could be inspired by the Spanish career Fernando Alonso.

For now, it is confirmed that pitt will play a racing driver and hamilton could appear on the screen, since he does not rule out having an acting career.

“I would like to act one day. I want to be the best, in everything I do, I want to be. To do the best I can. So if I’m going to make a movie I’ll go to class, study and make sure I express the emotions as I should. I don’t have time right now, so I guess it’ll be something I do when I retire.”declared the Briton in an interview.

For its part, Brad Pitt He is a big fan of Formula 1 and it is no stranger to the universe that will show the film that will be released in theaters but also on the platform of Manzana.

In addition, he had been left with the desire to star in a project linked to this sport. In 2018, she wanted to join Tom Cruise to head”Go Like Hell”a tape that would tell the story of Carroll Shelby Y Ken Milesbut failed to raise the necessary funds.

On the other hand, on August 4 opens “Bullet Train”a film of David Leitch -based on the novel by Ktar Isaka-, in which he shares a poster with Sandra Bullock, Michael Shannon, Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Logan Lerman Y bad bunnyamong others.

The story focuses on five murderers who travel on a train that departs from tokyo until Morika and that as the hours go by they will discover that their respective missions have something in common: to find a silver briefcase that will immerse them in action experiences and fights that will put their lives in danger.

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