What is your role in this fourth installment?

The scary dinosaurs of action movies don’t want to go extinct: The Next 29 SeptemberA new installment, the fourth of the saga, will arrive in cinemas in Spain mercenarieschaired by Sylvester Stallone And Jason Statham, all repeat together dolph lundgren (Ivan Drago in rocky IV) and wrestling and UFC fighter randy couture, But, as ever, the franchise has expanded its cast with the occasional star signing.

mercenaries 4 will be in its cast Andy GarciaWhom we have already seen holding a gun when he played the role of an accurate policeman The Untouchables by Eliot Ness and, on the wrong side of the law, the bastard son of Sonny Corleone The Godfather III, Cuban actor not the only one to come: Singer 50 CentJoe, who has been pursuing his career in cinema since 2006 and has already worked with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, has also joined this group of mercenaries.

Andy Garcia in ‘The Untouchables of Eliot Ness’

However, the most notorious incorporation has been Megan Fox, Not only because this news has made fans of this actress happy, but also because Fox has been losing sheen in Hollywood in the last few years. Happen mercen4rios What ledge is the Tennessee actress tipping to revive her career?

mrs christmas

From what the trailer for the fourth installment starring Stallone seems to indicate, Megan Fox’s role will also not be reduced, The photos show us the actress in bed next to Jason Statham, who plays the professional killer Lee Christmas, Of course, and in line with the franchise, Statham and Fox reach the thalamus not with hands, but with whacks of keys and flying kicks.

The Expendables 4 trailer, synopsis and release date

The next day, Stallone, the leader of the mercenary group, wakes up his partner: “We have a problem,” he tells her as he opens the door. Despite the fact that Fox is waiting for him between the sheets, Statham does not act lazy. After saying “I need other friends”, he leaves with the actor who brought Rocky and Rambo to life.

However, images from the beginning Trailer Hints Megan Fox’s Story Doesn’t End Here: In a plane, we see him taking aim with a rifle. So, apparently, that morning Stallone recruited two new soldiers to his army.

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