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There melatonin it is a hormone that goes to intervene inside our organism on the sleep wake rhythm. It manages to regulate hours of rest in an optimal way for every human being. During the initial period of our life, therefore when we are a newborn, the production of melatonin it is very low and this is due to the fact that there is still unregulated functionality of the pituitary gland.

Let’s see now, in this article, several information on melatonin. First of all we will find out in which foods it is contained but above all let’s understand what it is used for and what the undesirable effects may be.

What are the foods that contain melatonin

Certainly the melatonin it is not found in all foods but mainly in those taken during the evening. In fact, we can find them in foods of plant origin such as corn, almonds and oats but also cocoa and apples. In some fruits such as cherries, pineapple and bananas or in dried fruits such as nuts. Good amounts of melatonin can also be found in oranges and ginger.

What is melatonin used for

As we have already pointed out at the beginning of this article melatonin it is a hormone that is produced by our body and helps us to regulate, maintain and restore the entire balance between sleep and wakefulness. If the levels of this hormone are too low then you can experience episodes of insomnia but also to possible early awakenings as well as having difficulty falling asleep.

Negative effects of melatonin

We have already seen what can happen if i melatonin levels are low. Insomnia or early awakenings occur in most cases. But be careful because even the daytime sleepiness it can be a symptom of lack of melatonin. In addition, headaches and dizziness, in excessive cases, can also be caused by this condition.

How to take melatonin

In addition to foods that contain this hormone, we can also use real supplements. For example, if we have difficulty falling asleep we can take about three or four hours before going to sleep 5 milligrams of melatonin by mouth for at least four weeks.

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