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    As with fashion, each season the names of new dietary trends that come to our home (or rather, our refrigerators) wanting to revolutionize and change some of our bad habits. In this way, after immersing ourselves in the revolutionary and infallible pegan diet and, even, discovering the best diets to lose weight (the most reliable and healthy) we find a new one that, without a doubt, has to appear: The Mayo Clinic Diet.

    And it is that, under its peculiar name, this program has managed to unite the opinion of different doctors and nutritionists recommending it; Unlike others such as, for example, the Keto or ketogenic diet or intermittent fasting (by the way, if you are starting fasting, this two-ingredient recipe shared by Xuan Lan will make everything much easier for you) the diet of the Mayo Clinic is devised by health professionals with the aim of help you lose weight in a healthy, balanced way and super effective.

    And, “why is it so effective?” you may be wondering. Well, the remarkable thing about this regimen is that does not focus on what to eat or not, but in changing your habitswhich will cause you, in the long run, to adopt those healthy routines that help you improve your physical shape.

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    However, With a simple change of habits can I lose weight or get in shape? We ask and talk to different nutrition experts so they can tell us the secrets of this diet and how to follow it with good results.

    Mayo Clinic Diet: What it is and how it works

    mayo clinic diet

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    Created by some of the professionals from the clinic that gives it its name, it is designed as a lifestyle change program. One who seeksencourage gradual and sustained weight loss”, in the words of the expert Melissa Perst.

    “One of the keys to the diet and what makes it different from others is that is focused on behavior change such as, for example, avoiding eating while watching television or increasing the number of fruits or vegetables that we consume directly. Small changes that make a difference and, let’s tell you, help you lose weight and keep it off.”

    Likewise, the “diet,” as nutritionist and certified yoga teacher Keri Gans points out, “is quite simple; It is not a diet of deprivation or exclusion, but on the contrary: of inclusion. It encourages eating from all food groups, making healthier choices, preparing meals (remember, batch cooking can work really well if you’re short on time), and of course, exercising.

    What are the different phases of the Mayo Clinic diet?

    In general terms, it is divided into two main phases. Take note!

    Phase 1: changing habits

    Has a estimated duration of about two weeks. Melissa Perst points out that: “People who follow this plan focus on change five unhealthy habits for more healthy ones and, in addition, they add five additional healthy routines”. With this, as Gans clarifies, “the focus is not on calories but, rather, on habits”.

    However, how to know which routine is harmful? The experts share a few small examples:

    • Avoid eating foods with added sugar
    • If your snacks are fruits and vegetables, avoid eating bread with them
    • Do not monopolize your menu based on meat or dairy dishes
    • Alcohol? Long overdue
    • Try not to eat while glued to the screen
    • Do not inflate home cooking

      Secondly, beyond changing habits, it is recommended to introduce these:

      • Start the day with a good breakfast
      • Eat about four servings of fruits and vegetables a day
      • Incorporate whole grains and healthy fats, such as olive oil, into your recipes.
      • No time to train? Try trading the car for a good walk! According to experts, walking for more than 10 minutes prolongs life.

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        Phase 2: Live the change!

        In this phase, as Prest rightly points out, “it is where people learn to make better choices of dishes, foods and know well what portions are correct for their body.” In addition, as the expert points out, “people they should expect to lose weight more gradually in this phase”.

        In the end, everything that started in the first phase carries over to the second phase. “It’s about maintaining the habits that have been introduced little by little.”

        What is the best way to follow the dietary guidelines?

        If constancy doesn’t fit your vocabulary, seek support from friends or family. “Go slowly with the habits, introducing one or two at the same time once the others are acquired. Thus, you maintain and potentiate them without losing motivation”, indicates Prest.

        Another point to note is that this diet that encourages the consumption of fruits and vegetables helps you eat, indirectly, less high-calorie foods. In addition, as both experts point out, “carbohydrates are fine if they are rich in fiber; They can help you get satiated.”

        Mayo Clinic Diet: Benefits and Cons


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        The biggest benefit of the Mayo Clinic diet is that it change your behaviors; Instead of counting calories, they keep an eye on your good habits. “One of the reasons diets don’t work is that once people stop restricting certain foods, they resume certain behaviors, encouraging the ‘yo-yo’ effect.

        Also, if a person starts this diet drastically, it could be quite counterproductive; it would generate feelings of deprivation. It is for this reason, as the experts have already recommended, that a progressive change of those habits.

        Madeleine, Prevention’s assistant editor, has a history with health writing from her experience as an editorial assistant at WebMD, and from her personal research at university.

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