What it takes to volunteer at the next Olympic Games

Just one year and coins left for the next Olympic Games And while the athletes already have in their agendas when the qualifiers will be in order to secure a place, those who dream of being volunteers can also start scheduling what it takes to get to Paris 2024.

It’s all about collaborators that are essential for an event of this type and with the magnitude of people that they mobilize, it can go well. That is why in total, the organization will select about 45,000 volunteers.

what is your mission

The volunteers they have a job that is not usually seen on camerasince the flashes are always aimed at athletes, but the work they do is essential.

That is why they are the ones who will welcome the athletes when they arrive at the village, and their key mission is to promote Olympic and hospitality values. They must always have an exemplary attitude. They are the central axis of each stagingthe heart of the competition because it depends on them that everything goes well.

They will also be in charge of the most meticulous and detailed operational part of the competition, since they must be attentive to the registration of information of athletes, times, classifications or statistics, also to the ordering of the place of competition, among many other obligations.

They must also ensure that elementary services such as health regulations are met, assist athletes in their reserved areas, support and accompaniment and other issues that make the event run correctly.

The requirements

Age is essential: yesYou need to be 18 years old by the start of the year 2024that is, from January 1st.

It is also important have availability of dates, not only for the Olympic Games but also for the Paralympics, since registration applies to both events.

At least they must be in the host city approximately 10 days before the start (The opening of the Athletes’ Village will be on July 12) and on July 26 the Games officially begin.

And they might be required at least until September 10, which is two days after the closing of the Paralympic Games (from August 28 to September 8).

The language is important too: Fluent French and/or English must be spoken.

When to register

In the beginning of March 2023 and for eight weeks the forms will be available to sign up as a volunteer. The organization will be in charge of reviewing and selecting the records of each one.

A form will be filled online which will take between 30 and 45 minutes to complete. In september the names of the chosen ones will be revealed.

In addition, once those selected are informed, they will also be told in which sections they will work, something that will be organized according to the skills and knowledge they claimed to have when they registered. And the number of days that must participate will also be communicated.


Although a volunteer can leave at any time before or during the event, it is recommended to read the Volunteer letter, which explains the rights, duties, guarantees, types of duties and problem-solving procedures that apply.

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