What ‘papaya’ they gave! This is how Vélez reacted to Pékerman’s resignation

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The analyst, a well-known opponent of the former Colombian coach, spoke sarcastically about his visit to Venezuela.

José Pékerman and Carlos Antonio Vélez
Photo: Taken from Twitter @FVF_oficial IG @velezfutbol

One of the most recognized opponents of the process of José Pékerman in the Colombian National Team was the journalist Carlos Antonio Vélez.

It was to be expected that now that his resignation from the Venezuelan National Team has been confirmed, he would appear on social networks to talk about the news of the moment.

Using sarcasm, Vélez pointed to Pékerman’s collaborators, specifically Pascual Lezcano, who was the manager of the teams in the Venezuelan Federation.

To a publication prior to the confirmation of the departure of the coaching staff due to allegedly unethical activities by Lezcano, Vélez commented: “Don’t tell me! … Does my face show surprise? What is that TV program called? Is it ” You will fall too”.

More details and revelations are expected in the analyst’s spaces, since he has been an outspoken detractor of the Argentine team that until Tuesday was in charge of all the Venezuelan teams.

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