What payments should you avoid making with your debit card?

If you are working formally, one of the benefits is that you get paid for your fortnight by means of a card, this account debit it is a replacement for having cash. Well, you can see the dates of your expenses and keep a better control of your finances. But there are certain payments that are not recommended to be made with them.

Either Security issues Or to avoid headaches in the future, there is a payment that is recommended not to be made with a debit card because, unlike a credit card, they do not have insurance and the commissions they can be higher, apart from being more vulnerable to hacking or being duplicated. Here we tell you what those circumstances are to avoid.

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What payments should you avoid making with your credit card?

  • Gas stations: These places are the most likely to duplicate your card, and start having unrecognized charges to your debit account.
  • Online purchases: If it is recommended, it is better to use a credit card because the commission is lower, and in case your data is stolen, the latter has specialized insurance against fraud, while with the debit card it is more difficult to recover your money.
  • high value items: There are very few if any fees when making purchases with your debit card, so it is better to use a credit card to make this type of payment, especially if it is in installments.
  • Restaurants: One of the problems of paying with your debit card, especially if they do not have a wireless terminal, is that they can do some type of fraud or steal information with it and how complicated it is to get your money back. For this, cash is better for this type of situation.

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