What price is it trading at this Wednesday, July 10th?

He The blue dollar recorded its third consecutive gain this Wednesday, July 10. and was located at the address $1420 to buy and $1450 to sell.his historical nominal recordaccording to a survey Volume in the caves of the city.

After the holiday independence Dayparallel currency advanced $10and broke a new record at the end of the day in Selling for $1,450.

In this context, the informal separated from KKL and from Member of the European Parliamentwhich is considered the most expensive exchange rate on the market. The gap with the official dollar was 57.7%, the highest level since the devaluation carried out in December by the government of Javier Miley.

Let us recall that in June blue jump $140 (+11.4%) and in May this exchange rate has already risen by $185 (+17.8%), after three months with slight fluctuations.

What is the official dollar rate trading at today, Wednesday, July 10?

On the official stock market wholesale dollar rose from $1 to $919.50.

What price is the future dollar trading at today? Wednesday, July 10

In the contracts of the city. future dollarAt the end of July, the price fell by 0.1% to $940, by August it fell by 0.3% to $974.50, and in September it showed a decline of 0.9% to $1015. Meanwhile, by the end of the year it had fallen by 1.4% to $1,180.

What is the MEP dollar trading at today? Wednesday, July 10

He European Parliament dollar quotes on $1,374.39 USD, so the break with the official comes to an end 49.5%.

CCL dollar value today, Wednesday, July 10

He dollar Cash on delivery (KKL) is sold at the address $1394.32 And spreading he was with the officer in 51.6%.

The cost of the card in dollars today, Wednesday, July 10

He dollar card or tourist cardAnd dollar savings (or in solidarity) rose to $1,500.

Cryptodollar quote today, Wednesday, July 10

He cryptodollar or Bitcoin Dollar works in $1,397.40 USDin accordance with Bitso.

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