What punishment can befall Ronald Padilla and Fito Zelaya?

Players ronald padilla central defender of Platense and Rodolfo Zelaya, attacker of Alliance, could be creditors of a suspension of at least six games by the FESFUT Disciplinary Commission after the two footballers were involved in a fight at the entrance to the dressing rooms of the Antonio Toledo Valle de Zacatecoluca stadium after being expelled minutes before during the league match between the elevenths of Platense and Alianza by the main judge, Jaime Herrera, for mutual aggression inside the field of play raised at 61 minutes of play.

Said decision of how many games will fall on the players involved could be ratified on the night of this Tuesday, February 2 when the Disciplinary Commission meets in the FESFUT administrative building and the parties involved (Platense and Alianza) are notified by of the new collaborating entity of the FESFUT the next morning, right at the gates of the start of date two of the Clausura 2023 tournament to be played on the afternoon of Wednesday the 3rd in six stadiums outside the capital.

Both Padilla and Zelaya can carry at least a six-game suspension if the referee’s report includes that the two footballers were first sent off for violent behavior on the field of play and then they were involved in a fight at the entrance to the dressing rooms, which will result in two actions. different ones that have different sanctions, for which reason the suspension matches can be accumulated.

“It is a scenario that cannot be ruled out within the decisions that said commission can adopt, but everything will depend on what the match referee indicates in his referee report. If the referee states that he sent off the players for violent conduct and then refers in the same report to the fight outside the field of play but within the same stadium, then it must be taken into consideration that the sanction indicated by the referee can be accumulated. Disciplinary Code for a fight”, highlighted a former member of the FESFUT Disciplinary Commission who requested anonymity from this newsroom.

The Disciplinary Code, in its article 42 (Less Serious Offenses), number two, textually states that ‘the player who engages in violent conduct against another or other players by any means, without causing physical damage or injury, will be suspended for two games. .’

Meanwhile, Article 43 in its numeral 1 of the FESFUT Disciplinary Code communicates that ‘the act of intervening in a fight or fight will be sanctioned with a suspension for at least four (4) games.’

“It is certain that the sanctions for the two fouls can be added because the last action is a separate incident to the game, but it seems that the referee witnessed the entire lawsuit because it had not resumed and the referee was waiting for the players to leave for the dressing room. ”, observed Elmer Bonilla, a former international referee, when giving his opinion on that case.

Bonilla also explained that “I think that both players could receive at least six suspension games if the commission considers it appropriate to combine both sanctions indicated in articles 42 and 43, but personally, a number less than that sanction could send a bad message to the league in the future,” he said.


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