What Shakira did when she walked off stage after performing with Bizarrap at the Latin Grammys 2023

Shakira gave a show at the festival latin grammy 2023, The Colombian singer, who received three awards during the ceremony, performed night two performances, In the first he sang acrosticThe song he wrote for his children Milan and Sasha, and another in which he joined Weird,

colombian singer shut it down mixture Argentine producer’s singing and dancing BZRP Music Session #53A song with which this musical duo received the awards for Best Song of the Year and Best Pop Song. It was a huge show, which started with a wonderful tango and which culminated with the artist making a heart with his own hands and receiving Lto public applause From the FIBES Center in Seville.

This entire drama was seen on the screen, what was not seen happened. What did Shakira do as soon as she came off the stage?, Where did the Colombians go?

A video shared by the choreographer on X charm ladonna Throws light on this matter and shows where he went with enthusiasm when he succeeded in his performance.

Shakira He came to welcome the person responsible for this choreography.Which he embraced enthusiastically.

Charm La’Donna shared the photos on Instagram, saying, “These moments will forever remain in my mind rent-free.” “I was so excited for the team and Shakira. I love her.”

Two days earlier, the dancer had published a photo of the corps de ballet on the same social network, thanking all its members for their efforts: “I just want to say thank you to these incredible artists. Were able to maintain. I was adjusting the choreography till the last moment and they executed this performance with perfection.


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