What should Manchester United do with Cristiano Ronaldo?

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Like the feeling of a big pebble in the shoe. This is what Erik ten Hag must be saying to himself as we write these lines. The new Manchester United coach is facing the somewhat chaotic management of Cristiano Ronaldo from his management. She is not completely responsible for what is happening now, the Portuguese also giving his all to make the situation explosive. The situation is always the same. He wants to leave by any means to play in the Champions League, while his club wants to keep him, when he only has one year left on his contract.

What to do in this situation? The best would be to give in to his desire to leave so as not to gangrene the group but to go where? Atlético de Madrid fans don’t want him any more than Tuchel at Chelsea, Bayern Munich have repeatedly said they don’t want to sign him, while Ruben Amorim struggles to find interest in him. see coming to Sporting CP. In other words, not everyone is stuck in this affair and a return to the past seems complicated, especially after the latest statements by Ten Hag against the Portuguese star.

Ronaldo is not even sure to start

The Dutchman did not appreciate knowing that the player had left before the end of the friendly meeting between the Mancunians and Rayo Vallecano (1-1) this weekend, and said so publicly. “This is unacceptable. For everyone. We are a team and you have to stay until the end. The five-time Ballon d’Or was not the only player targeted but his coach but inevitably pride is piqued, while the possibilities of going elsewhere are dwindling as the closing of this summer transfer window 2022 is approaching. The bet is risky because if attacking CR7 means displaying his authority, there is a risk of discomfort for the entire season.

Manchester United don’t really need that. Most fans are confident about the good friendlies that are expected. It may be the first time since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013. As well as trying to unite a dressing room which exploded last season, Ten Hag was able to give youngsters some playing time during the off season. Some will see it as a new direct lineage to the legendary MU coach. And then from a tactical point, is CR7 the right player to carry out the Ten Hag project? Nothing is less certain especially since, according to the English press, Ronaldo, who will start on the bench against Brighton on Sunday, does not have his place in the eleven for the rest of the season either.

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