What the Police know until the moment of the murder of Jennifer Maldonado Padua

The murder of Jennifer Michelle Maldonado Paduawhich represents the 26th violent death of a woman so far this year, has not yet been clarified, despite the fact that the Policeman He already has a man under arrest who allegedly confessed to taking the life of the 33-year-old female.

The director of the Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC) of Arecibo, Carlos Velezindicated to The new day that the complexity of the case is due to the missteps that Anthony Salva Riverathe only suspect in this crime so far, during the preliminary investigation of the case that began yesterday, Tuesday.

“Since the beginning of the investigation, he (Salvá Rivera) was the only witness who could shed light on us, but nothing coincided with what we were collecting from the evidence. At least in the motive (of the crime) we are not clear, ”said the lieutenant in a telephone interview.

The order of events of this crime leads the agents of the Homicide Division to theorize that it was a kidnapping that culminated in a murderVelez said.

The scene, said the officer, is composed (two or more scenes where the events of the same crime occurred) because the Police begin their intervention in Arecibo, a town where Maldonado Padua had supposedly disappeared, but later finds the body without woman’s life on a cliff, near a river, in the Arenas neighborhood in Utuado.

The woman’s body had several stab wounds, which could have been a knife, according to Vélez.

The report of the woman’s disappearance was made, at about 7:00 am yesterday, by Salvá Rivera himself, according to the lieutenant. The 26-year-old suspect said the woman was last seen at the hydroelectric plant located on Lake Dos Bocas de Arecibo. Both the deceased and the suspect worked as security guards at the scene.

Salvá Rivera had only been working in his position for a week and, according to the investigation, he did not previously know Maldonado Padua, so the Uniformed ruled out that they had any previous personal relationship, Vélez confirmed.

Anthony Salvá Rivera, suspected of murdering Jennifer Michelle Maldonado Padua.
Anthony Salvá Rivera, suspected of murdering Jennifer Michelle Maldonado Padua. (Supplied)

“It emerges from the investigation that one of the security guards who was already on his way out called one of the two supervisors alleging that Jennifer Michelle had arrived around five-odd in the morning, parked her vehicle and that an individual (Salvá Rivera) arrived in another dark compact vehicle who called her in a bad way and they had an argument outside the gates and told her to ‘get on’”, Vélez told about the details provided by a guard who witnessed Maldonado Padua’s last moments at the hydroelectric plant.

“Supposedly, the guard tells the suspect: ‘You can’t take her, because she’s the one who’s going to relieve me (of the work shift)’ and he (Salvá Rivera) tells him: ‘Don’t get involved because the situation doesn’t it’s with you’”, added the officer.

From that moment, the Police do not know what could have happened with the woman, because, Although he confessed to the murder, the suspect did not detail everything he did since he forcibly mounted her in his vehicle until, presumably, he ended his life.

However, the lieutenant added that the kidnapping theory is supported by the information they have gathered about the way in which the witness said that Salvá Rivera forcibly took the woman to mount her in his vehicle and by the way in which he they found his belongings at his place of work.

“In the place (hydroelectric plant), when we arrived, her vehicle was with the keys in it, her cell phone inside, her breakfast, her personal documents and her wallet, which makes us understand that he he was stalking her and as soon as she arrived he took her, mounted her and left”he asserted.

Velez pointed out that expect the Institute of Forensic Sciences (ICF) can confirm if Maldonado Padua was sexually assaulted by Salvá Rivera. The intention to respond to this concern, he pointed out, is due to the fact that the suspect has a prior criminal record for crimes of sexual assault and indecent exposure.

“We cannot determine if he raped her, because that will be determined by Forensic Sciences. But there could be that possibility. We have to wait,” stressed the lieutenant.

In addition, the Police seized Salvá Rivera’s car for investigation purposes and to check if there are traces of blood or fingerprints of Maldonado Padua inside the car. They also seized clothing with blood that was in the garbage cans located on the grounds of the Fernando Luis García residential complex in Utuado, where the suspect resides.

“A piece of clothing with blood was seized in the garbage cans outside the residential, which will be taken to Forensics for evaluation. The clothes belonged to him.”Velez specified.

The criminal file of Salva Rivera

Commander Jose Arochowho directed the Utuado CIC, explained to The new day that Salvá Rivera confessed to having climbed a residence in 2019 and, although he did not admit to having raped a minor, evidence collected by Homicide agents suggested that the man did sexually assault the girl.

The convict was found guilty by a jury only of the misdemeanor charge of burglary and served six months in jail.

“Shortly before the start of the lockdown Due to the pandemic, he faced a complaint for escalation to a residence that ended in the rape of a minor. That case was heard in the Utuado court, but a jury acquitted him of the rape, although he found him guilty of the escalation”Arocho pointed out.

“We do not understand why they acquitted him of the rape, when we had scientific evidence such as DNA that validated the complaint, but he was acquitted and these are the consequences we have today,” he added.

Arocho indicated that if Salvá Rivera had been found guilty of both the escalation and the rape, he would have served at least 50 years in prison for both crimes.

He assured that this Wednesday they will investigate how it was possible for the convict to work as a security guard, despite the fact that he had a criminal record, especially for crimes of sexual assault.

“We don’t know how he could have been working as a security guard. We will investigate if she had a license or how she worked, because to be a security guard you have to have a license, ”she pointed out.

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