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His Flash 120, in the summer, forced the other competitors to keep up. But, apparently, that’s not the only aspect of Iliad that customers appreciate.

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In the summer there was no talk of anything else in terms of telephone rates. Iliad’s Flash 120 has held the reins of the market, forcing far more experienced managers to review their offers in order to keep up. Indeed, the French operator also acted on the only nerve uncovered, that of the closed offer, allowing even those who were already inside to modify it and thus obtain the cheaper rate of 120 Giga. The rise of Iliad it was directly proportional to his offers. And also, in truth, to a network that all in all responds to needs without major worries.

This is why, especially in the last two years, the rivalry with historical managers such as Tim, Wind and Vodafone has become more pronounced. Above all because the market strategy has seen Iliad enter with more advantageous offers compared to a general trend made up of overall increases. Flash 120 was just the latest in the series, with internet support of this magnitude for just € 9.99. But, apparently, the convenience of the offers is not the only point in Iliad’s favor.

Iliad, the three free functions: here are what they are

Some specific functions, offered by the operator in an extra way and completely free of charge, would also provide advantageous conditions. In practice, without inserting unwanted and, perhaps, paid features on the contract. One of these concerns calls abroad, which remain without limits or additional expenses to 60 states. The same goes for the answering machine: free, as is not the case for other operators in the sector. Not to mention that Iliad allows navigation in 5G, even if this specific function is intended only for devices capable of supporting these standards.

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These are almost standard functions for any telephone operator but not all tend to offer free of charge. For this reason, many customers have begun to trust the French manager, which he also has on his side the characteristic of operating directly on the network. A variable to be taken into due consideration given the historical moment, in which the issue of the competitiveness of offers is undoubtedly relevant but also the ease of managing one’s rate plays an important role.

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