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In February the news came to light that a penny minted in 1955 was sold for US$2,050 in the United States, for which many have turned to review their jars of coins. What should I do if I think I found one worth thousands of dollars?

The collection of rare coins and bills, such as the two-dollar bill, is popular around the world, but in the United States there is a fairly large market.

To know if the coin you keep is of great value, you must take into account certain characteristics, such as the age of the issue date and its good condition. However, what raises its price even more is the rarity and little accessibility to the piece.

Most of the coins are not worth $20,000 or even $10 because they are just ordinary coins.”, Brian Geno, of the Fairfax Coin and Collectibles Exchange, told Telemundo. If you think you’ve been lucky, here’s what to do:


If you think you have a valuable coin, Fairfax Coin and Collectibles Exchange expert Brian Geno recommended “go to a specialized coin store”.

He added that, “usually, the ones that have some value come in these plastic cases and they are certified and that way we know they are genuine”.

The currency can be worth thousands of dollars (Photo: Andina).


The coin that has become a social media star is the 1964 John F. Kennedy 50-cent coin.”If you look at the coin it says Liberty and the i has a defect and the base of the letter is seen in half. That coin in mint condition can be worth up to $35,000.″ Geno said.

He explained that the better condition the coin is, the more value it can have. Most of the coins that you have in your pocket or wallet have been around for a long time on the street and this has diminished their condition and possible price.

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