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The Colombian National Team bids farewell to the dream of participating in a third consecutive World Cup after being eliminated on the penultimate qualifying date. Just as Qatar 2022 was said goodbye, the “Tricolor” will do the same with some figures of the national team.

This is the end of an era. Colombia says goodbye to a generation with players who went to two World Cups, in 2014 and 2018. The performance in Brazil has been the best of the “Tricolor” in its history, having reached the quarterfinals. Instead, in Russia, with a base that was in 2014, the national team stayed in the round of 16 against England.

The oldest player who was in these qualifiers for Qatar 2022 was Radamel Falcao García, with 35. He is followed by David Ospina and Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, with 33 each. For each position, the average age was as follows: goalkeepers 31, defenders 29, midfielders 26 and forwards 27.

Mentioned to the ‘Tiger’, this was his last chance to go to the World Cup with the National Team and now it is the turn of a new group of forwards who will have to respond in the position of Colombia’s top scorer.

The main ones to assume the position of gunners are Rafael Santos Borré, Alfredo Morelos, Luis Sinisterra and Hárold Preciado, who are the figures that stand out in international football with their respective clubs. Also on the scoring path is Juan Camilo el ‘Cucho’ Hernández, who is lit on goals in England.

However, the goals will not come alone. Colombia will need footballers with ideas and creativity who can make the game shine on the pitch. James Rodríguez enters that last stretch with the national team, as does Cuadrado.

Juan Fernando Quintero, the ’10’ of River Plate, will not last long in a future project, since he is 29 years old. Therefore, the main key is the star Luis Díaz. ‘El Guajiro’ is having a very good time and with the help of Jurgen Klopp he will enhance his talent even more so that he arrives with the best at the ‘Tricolor’.

Others who can lend a hand in the offensive line of midfielders are Jáminton Campaz, who stands out in the Gremio de Brasil, and Jorge Carrascal, who is now in Russia.

For their part, players like Wílmar Barrios and Matheus Uribe will be able to contribute to the construction of the base of the next generation and then they will have to take off from the project.

“Whenever a cycle ends, the logical thing is for a new one to come. It is normal that new faces appear now. That is what is coming now. It will be a pride and an honor for these young people to wear the Colombian National Team jersey,” said former National Team striker Willington Ortiz.

In defense, the future that is already present ‘looks good’ with central defenders Carlos Cuesta and Jhon Lucumí. This pair has already had minutes in Copa América and qualifying competitions, and has done well.

Other players who come in the queue are Andrés Llinás, from Millonarios, and Daniel Muñoz, from Belgian football.

“To carry out this relay, we must first carry out a good process of minor divisions in the National Team. Form a group and put it to the test in friendlies”, analyzed former player Walter el ‘Potro’ Escobar.

The replacement would also reach the ‘hands’ of the goalkeepers. David Ospina, due to his position, will be able to endure a little more and be present in the replacement process with the new goalkeepers. Andrés Mosquera is showing an excellent performance at DIM and has already been called up for a friendly with Colombia. Álvaro Montero and Iván Arboleda are two other chips that appear in the national team.

The head of the team
With this elimination, Reinaldo Rueda will step aside with the “Tricolor” and it is said that he will take the reins of Atlético Nacional.

However, the Valle del Cauca coach recently expressed that it is clear that a replacement is on the way and that he is fully willing to help with the projects that come for the team.

“That is the responsibility of this position, I am excited and aware that I have a great group of players, it is not only because of my position or my continuity, it is the future of each one of the players. Now it is difficult to see that the young people suddenly assume responsibility, the conditions in their clubs are different… the National Team is something special. There are young people who respond like Lucho Díaz and there are others who find it harder, that you have to give them matches”.

The Colombia National Team project should start as soon as possible to assume this generational change. The new figures will work hand in hand with the latest references that are today. The friendlies will be key for this time prior to the World Cup with the teams that want to use the ‘Tricolor’ as sparring partner for the appointment in November. The other year begins the road to the United States 2026 and the Copa América editions.

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