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Bounced back from the reception of his ‘Star Wars’ movie, Rian Johnson retaliated with a funny and ingenious thriller, investigation and murder film where the Cuban actress shone. ‘Daggers in the back’ was a huge success.

One of the most unexpected successes of recent years was a very clever and very funny murder mystery thriller., which gave a twist to this kind of fiction that we associate so much with authors like Agatha Christie. A great movie that will soon have a long-awaited sequel that is already having positive reactions. We are talking, of course, about daggers in the back.

Through the platform hbo max we can enjoy this extraordinary and highly entertaining mystery film that gave Ana de Armas one of her most outstanding leading roles and the one that has confirmed her as a Hollywood star, launching her to make movies like Blonde. But it’s not just her that shines in this movie, she has a brutal cast that includes Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette, Don Johnson, Michael Shannon and Christopher Plummer among others.

Although technically one could speak of the charismatic and peculiar detective Benoit Blanc, played by Craig, as the protagonist, we really follow the story through the character of Ana de Armas, a Latina nurse named Marta Cabrera who is in charge of a successful writer ( Plummer) in a luxurious mansion. Or she was, since one day he wakes up and is told that his patient has been found murdered.

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From there, a thorough police investigation will begin, which will be joined by the successful detective whose reputation precedes him. Together they will investigate all members of the Thrombey family, from direct children to grandchildren and in-laws or employees such as the nurse herself. The case will go unveiling a series of twists and turns that are as unexpected as they are ingenious and stupendous.

With this film, the director and screenwriter Rian Johnson made up for himself after the difficult reception his film Star Wars: The Last Jedi had. Like his ambitious galactic adventure, and other films such as Looper or Brick, the filmmaker fully penetrates the essence of the film genre to be exploited and seeks to reinvent it without ceasing to function as first-class entertainment. His films manage to define themselves by a combination of daring imagination and great storytelling ability.

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Y daggers in the back fulfills all these keys wonderfully, giving a hilarious and cheeky refreshment to murder mystery films, as well as the detectives who star in them, and using a amazing script with unique structure and great use of twists. The film is also magnificently directed, making splendid visual and montage decisions so that the story is told in luxury.

And then, of course, there is the great cast that it has, which is very dedicated and manages to give charisma to this motley group of characters. And among all of them, Ana de Armas manages to stand out with a character that could be considered the heart of the film. A complex but accessible exercise that manages to catch you in every second, and that it will be difficult to match. But then Johnson is going to try it with Daggers in the Back: The Mystery of Glass Onion, from which we only hope for the best.

You can see daggers in the back on HBO Max.

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