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Christopher Nolan creates one of the most intriguing and thought-provoking films of his career alongside a magnificent cast. He enjoys streaming the fabulous ‘The Final Truco (The Prestige)’.

A dazzling walk through the goings-on of magic and the world of entertainment at the end of the 19th century, led by one of the most important directors of this century. A portrait of obsession, of the limits to break to reach greatness, told in the key of electric thriller and suspense with a masterful script when it comes to plot twists. Let yourself be amazed by The Final Trick (The Prestige).

Christopher Nolan casts a spell on us in this fabulous film that we can see on hbo max, made between his two most popular Batman installments such as Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Here he again had the always surprising Christian Bale in addition to adding category actors such as Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson, Rebecca Hall, his usual Michael Caine or an electrifying David Bowie giving life to the inventor Nikola Tesla. with them create a perfect spell that becomes one of his essential films.

Bale and Jackman bring to life two magicians of great reputation and popularity, creating joint shows but also dominated by a great sense of competition. It’s never enough, you always have to attempt the most impossible trick that dazzles the spectators and leave professionals baffled, wondering how you did it. All to reach the elusive ideal of fame.

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The competition will turn into rivalry, and from there to belligerent enmity. There is little left of the mutual admiration in their struggle to try to become the illusionist of reference, which will lead them to try real tricks to try to steal the tricks, although the other always seems two or three steps ahead. All this will generate a too close spiral towards self-destruction, which will break almost all the limits thought for humanity.

Christopher and his brother Jonathan Nolan, with whom he writes the script, use the world of magic very well to try to make a fine reflection on art and the extremes one is willing to go to in order to create the perfect show. And how that obsession can become alienating and cause the breakdown of important affective relationships. Those worries make her the most adult and morally complex of all the films in his filmography.

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Not for that reason it stops being a really dazzling film in several aspects. Despite his visual modesty on many points, the execution of the tricks and his use of electricity (hence the prominent appearance of Tesla) create moments of impact. His use of montage to draw our attention to twists and turns that seem likely to become obvious is clever, because then manages to really surprise us with what we were paying less attention to. Good tricks up the sleeve that show the careful structure of the script.

The film itself functions as a great sleight-of-hand show, where Nolan ends up making the definitive connection between cinema and magic. This unique character highlights her within a truly impressive career, and despite not being a huge piece of science fiction, she manages to capture virtues of her cinema that other great shows cannot develop. That’s why it’s an essential of his and a film that you cannot miss.

You can see The Final Trick (The Prestige) via HBO Max.

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