What To Watch On Prime Video: A Fabulous Crime Drama With Jennifer Lopez Based On Unbelievable True Events

A bizarre but authentic story, with the actress and singer doing a great job on camera. Don’t miss ‘Wall Street Hustlers’.

One of those stories so hard to believe that you need clarification that it is based on true events. A fabulous whirlwind of crime, nightlife, dancing and luxurious splurges, which takes advantage of the inspired work of its star who overflows with charisma in each scene. A stupendous, well-polished jewel that bears the name of Wall Street scammers.

Lorene Scafaria’s film is available to watch at Amazon Prime Videolike the newly released an explosive wedding with which he shares a star. That star is none other than Jennifer Lopez, doing one of the best jobs of his career accompanied by Constance Wu, Keke Palmer and Julia Stiles in the cast.

Wu takes on the role of the story’s narrator with a character who enters the world of striptease and pole dancing in order to earn a living. At the club that she hires her, she will find Ramona, Lopez’s character, who is practically a celebrity in the local frequented by several wealthy Wall Street executives. This will take her as an apprentice to succeed in the business.

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But the business will lose its potential because of the economic crisis of 2008, which affects the influx of these wealthy people. In order not to be left in the lurch, both will form a group of robber strippers who will subtly rip off the few Wall Street clients who have benefited from the crisis. They will see their business endangered by a journalist from New York Magazine, start investigating.

Scafaria began writing the script for the film based on the true story told by said New York Times journalist. A script that was in the orbit of Adam McKay’s production company, which at a certain point came to consider directing it, although they really wanted Martin Scorsese to direct it. The Italian-American director rejected the proposal, but gave the screenwriter the opportunity to make the film herself.

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It is not entirely unusual that Scorsese was sought to direct it, since Wall Street scammers offers an in-depth look at the clandestine operations of a group of criminals of some moral complexity and with a fairly pronounced rise and fall story. The movie uses that kind of intense energy to make a movie with thriller, adult drama, comedy and loud dancing and rolled with splendor.

Lopez exudes charisma to be able to give the film that imposing and magnetic figure to be followed, even if he leads the group through dangerous terrain. A forceful work that deserved recognition that only reached her partially (she received nominations for awards such as the Golden Globes, but did not reach the Oscar despite starting as a favourite). But he continues to dazzle in a highly entertaining and remarkable film.

You can see Wall Street scammers in Amazon Prime Video.

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