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With the arrival in theaters this week of Top Gun: Maverickit is worth remembering that both the first top gun like a large number of other films by its emblematic lead actor, Tom Cruiseare available in streaming for those who want to do a marathon before going to see what’s new from one of the biggest movie stars in the world.

Here we tell you what movies are available and where you can find them:

Top Gun (1986)

Where do I see it?: Star+

With the arrival of the sequel, one cannot stop rewatching the original, one of the most iconic Hollywood films of the 1980s and the one that turned Tom Cruise into a global superstar. Directed by Tony Scott, top gun tells the story of a daring US Navy pilot trying to become the best in a prestigious academy. The spectacular moments of aerial action and the iconic soundtrack have made Top Gun an undisputed classic.

The Mission Impossible Saga (1996-2018)

Where do I see it?: Amazon Prime Video or Star+

Throughout six films directed by filmmakers such as Brian De Palma, john woo, JJ Abrams, Brad Bird Y Christopher McQuarrieCruise has turned to Mission Impossible in one of the most spectacular series of action movies today, with its insistence on dangerous stunts of action in real life, without stuntmen, in its quest to authenticate the adventures of secret agent Ethan Hunt. Two more films, also directed by McQuarrie, will be released in 2023 and 2024.

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

Where do I see it?: Amazon Prime Video or HBO Max

The final film from the legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick is a surreal erotic suspense thriller about a doctor whose marriage is in trouble, who finds himself drawn into a strange underworld of sexual cults and repressed desires. Cruise stars alongside Nicole Kidman.

Minority Report (2002)

Where do I see it?: Amazon Prime Video or HBO Max

Cruise’s first collaboration with the legendary director steven spielberg is a witty and visually stunning sci-fi thriller in which the actor plays the head of a Washington police division that stops murders before they happen, only to find himself a fugitive when a prediction accuses him of being about to become himself into a murderer. With Colin Farrell, Max Von Sydow Y Samantha Morton.

Collateral (2004)

Where do I see it?: Netflix

This action film from the director Michael Mann It has the peculiarity of being one of the few films in Cruise’s career in which the actor plays the villain, in this case playing a hitman who takes a Los Angeles taxi driver hostage and forces him to take him around the city. while carrying out a series of murders. They share credits with Cruise Jamie Foxx, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Mark Ruffalo Y Javier Bardem.

The War of the Worlds (2005)

Where do I see it?: HBO Max or Netflix

Another collaboration between Cruise and Spielberg, this adaptation of the literary classic by H. G. Wells channels the trauma and fears of post 9/11 America with the allegory of an alien invasion that forces a father and his two sons to flee and try to survive. Together with Cruise they act Dakota Fanning, Justin Chatwin Y Tim Robbins.

Jack Reacher (2012)

Where do I see it?: Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Netflix or Star+

Working for the first time under the direction of his current favorite filmmaker, Christopher McQuarriewho immediately proved to have a great eye for action movies, Cruise adapts one of the novels of jack reacher of the author Lee Child, playing a military investigator who must solve a plot behind what at first appear to be indiscriminate killings. With Rosamund Pike, David Oyelow, Jay Courtney, Robert Duvall Y Werner Herzog.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

This great adaptation of a Japanese science fiction novel by hiroshi sakurazakadirected by Doug Liman and written by Christopher McQuarrieputs Cruise in the shoes of an American military man who dies in battle against a race of alien invaders, only to wake up a day early to discover that he is stuck on that day, coming back again and again each time he dies in combat, so he joins forces with an experienced soldier (Emily Blunt) to try to find a way to use his power to end the war.

Other Tom Cruise movies available for streaming:

risk business (1983), available on HBO Max

Legend (1985), available on Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max

the color of money (1986), available on Star+

Cocktail (1988), available on Star+

rain man (1988), available on Amazon Prime Video

No Exit (1993), available on Amazon Prime Video

interview with the vampire (1994), available on HBO Max

Jerry Maguire (1996), available on HBO Max

Magnolia (1999), available on HBO Max

The last Samurai (2003), available on Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max

lions for lambs (2007), available on Amazon Prime Video

Operation Valkyrie (2008), available on Amazon Prime Video

Tropic Thunder (2008), available on Amazon Prime Video

explosive encounter (2010), available on Amazon Prime Video

Rock of Ages (2012), available on HBO Max

oblivion (2013), available on HBO Max

Jack Reacher: No Return (2016), available on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Star+

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