what was Hermione really afraid of?

By Sophie J.

– Published on May 28, 2022 at 9:21 p.m.

Hermione Granger is Harry Potter’s best friend. Very intelligent, she is also courageous and sensitive. But then… what is she afraid of?

One of Hermione’s best-known lines implies that expulsion from Hogwarts would be worse than death. Indeed, she announces this to Ron and Harry after they go out at night and are confronted by the three-headed dog, Fluffy. The Muggle-born young witch is very rule-abiding…most of the time. And if she’s afraid of to get fired from the school of sorcery, she also has other worries. The young girl, for example, hates being confronted with someone better than her when it comes to lessons. In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry gains favor with Professor Slughorn by passing Hermione thanks to her Potions textbook. She does not hesitate to try at all costs to take this advantage away from her best friend, annoyed that he has done better than her.

In the fourth volume of the saga Harry Potterthe young Gryffindor creates the Society for the Liberation of Elves (SALE), because she finds that they are mistreated. Hermione fears injustice. When Hagrid’s hippogryph Buck attacks Draco Malfoy, she fears for him. And she is also right, since he will then be sentenced to death. The witch, played by Emma Watson on the big screen, also doesn’t like being faced with a situation she hasn’t considered. When hunting Horcruxes, for example, she insists on spending days and days preparing each plan. Luckily Harry is there to improvise!

Hermione hides her sensitive side

Very strong, the young witch was Muggle-born. Besides, she seems to be a little afraid, during her first year, to enter a totally different world. However, Hermione gains confidence in herself, and ends up accepting her difference, and even making it a strength. Very down-to-earth, Harry Potter’s best friend has a lot of trouble with more abstract notions. When she meets Luna Lovegood, for example, she becomes almost aggressive, probably by Afraid of the unknown. Finally, we can say that the young girl has fears in relation to her relatives. Immersed in a terrible war, she must erase the memory of her parents, without knowing if she will see them again one day. And when the man she loves, Ron, comes close to death, she forgets their argument, terrified to have lost him. We can say that Hermione is a complex and interesting character!

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