What was the original plan for a sequel to the 2011 film with Ryan Reynolds?

Even though comic-book and superhero movies have been a dominant force in Hollywood for more than a decade, there have been plenty of failures along the way. This has certainly proven true with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has navigated some choppy waters recently and is struggling to excite audiences to the same extent as it did five years ago . However, DC. You have been facing many of these problems for a long time. Under Warner Bros., DC has produced several notable failures ranging from shine till 2017 Justice League And going back to the 1997s batman and robin And before.

One of the most trajectory-altering failures DC experienced came in 2011 with the release of green Lantern, directed by Martin Campbell and starring Ryan Reynolds. There were a lot of expectations from this film, both from the studio that made it and from the fans who were eagerly waiting for it. Unfortunately, when the film was released, it immediately became clear that it was a dead end. It performed poorly at the box office, and the reception from both critics and fans was poor, to say the least. no plan for green Lantern Sequels or spin-offs were abandoned and the film was largely forgotten.

2011 failure green Lantern was one of the most important inflection points for DC in the last 20 years. Had the film been successful, the current state of DC films and the comic book film environment as a whole would have been vastly different. A sequel to the film was planned, as well as ideas of expanding it into a universe to rival the MCU. Plus, it probably would have tied up Reynolds’ career to the extent that dead pool Movies would not have been made. With all this in mind, we’ve decided to take an in-depth look at the original plans and ideas to succeed green Lantern There were sequels and how the success of the film would completely change the direction of comic-book films.

Sinestro and the Yellow Lantern Corps

Mark Strong as Sinestro in 2011's Green Lantern
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First, one of the most obvious ideas about cancellation green Lantern The sequel is expected to feature Sinestro as the primary antagonist, leading some iteration of the Sinestro Corps, otherwise known as the Yellow Lantern Corps. The early vestiges of this plot are already at work green Lantern In the film, Sinestro plays a full supporting role as one of the most powerful Green Lanterns (portrayed by Mark Strong). In the 2011 film, Sinestro convinces the Guardians of the Universe to create a yellow power ring of fear to fight the evils of Parallax. However, Reynolds’ Hal Jordan defeats the weird, gross, villainous space cloud before Sinestro gets a chance to enact that plan. A post-credits scene involving the film shows Sinestro wearing a yellow ring and transforming his entire suit into the traditionally villainous Yellow Lantern costume.

A sequel exploring these ideas was already in active development. green Lantern Hit the theatres. a year ago in June 2010 green Lantern After its release, Warner Bros. hired Greg Berlanti, Michael Green, and Marc Guggenheim to write the script for the sequel. All three writers had worked on the first film and the move was a show of tremendous confidence on the part of the studio. That same year, Campbell confirmed that he and Warner Bros. had conceived the idea. green Lantern As the first part of a trilogy, each entry introduces and describes several other characters.

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an alternative dcu

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel
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This leads us to one of the biggest changes that will occur green Lantern was successful; This would serve as the beginning of DC’s own interconnected cinematic universe of films. It’s been years since the Marvel Cinematic Universe began hombre de hierro And the incredible Hulk in 2008 and soon followed up with iron Man 2, thor, And captain America in the following years. But the MCU had not reached yet the Avengers, and so DC was not far behind in the competition. DC’s goal was green Lantern their existence hombre de hierroIn which Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan played the same central role in the DC film universe that Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark played in the MCU.

This DC universe may have shared some elements with the existing DCEU that we actually got. Crucially, Henry Cavill’s Superman would have been included in the universe, as Zack Snyder had already been hired to direct. man of Steel in late 2010, and shooting began a few months later green LanternRelease of. As for other major DC characters like Batman and Wonder Woman, it’s impossible to know if they would have been played by Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot, respectively, or if they would have been cast differently for other projects.

What we do know is that the Flash may have been a priority for this universe from the very beginning. When Berlanti, Green, and Guggenheim were assigned to write green lantern 2 In 2010, he also signed on to write a treatment for shine, A subtle reference is made to the Scarlet Speedster’s home in Central City green LanternAlso the close friendship of the two heroes in the comics and WB and DC’s early focus on bringing this shine On screen, it seems possible that Barry Allen/The Flash was introduced as a supporting character green lantern 2,

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other possibilities

Wayne T. Carr as John Stewart/Green Lantern in unused footage of Zack Snyder's Justice League
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Beyond the specific storylines that were teased green Lantern And in addition to the potential expansion into the broader DC film universe, there are countless other possibilities that could have been worked on green lantern 2, One of the most interesting is the future of Carol Ferris, the character played by Blake Lively in the 2011 film. In the comics, Ferris becomes the famous Violet Lantern anti-hero Star Sapphire. Although it is still a mystery whether this change would have occurred green lantern 2 Or if it was saved for a climactic third installment, it’s clear Lively was excited about the prospect. While doing press for the first film, Lively talked about the potential to star Sapphire in future installments and said she was excited about all the crazy things her character could go on to do.

Additionally, given the long line of human characters who have left the mantle of Green Lantern in the comics, it also seems possible that some of these other heroes could have been introduced in the sequel. Mainly, fans have been waiting to see the John Stewart iteration of Green Lantern in live action for a long time. He could have been introduced as a new Lantern needed to aid Reynolds’ Hal Jordan in the fight against Sinestro. Of course, under the same thinking, other characters like Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner or Alan Scott could also have been worked on in the story.

next green lantern 2 and possibly anyone Justice League Films that would have been developed by that time, a possibility of one third green Lantern The film that kicked off the trilogy would have offered a lot of possibilities for the series. While it could have gone down the same path of introducing new Lantern Corps, such as the fiery Red Lantern Corps, the optimistic Blue Lantern Corps, or even the greedy Orange Lantern Corps, it could have easily repeated some of the same ideas. Which introduces Sinestro. in the core green lantern 2 Will explore. Instead, we find it most likely to be a third green Lantern The film may have attempted to adapt the famous comic story darkest nightWhich sees Hal Jordan fighting against the embodiment of death and several different zombified DC heroes.

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