What was the role that Denzel Washington was going to play in Fast and Furious 7 and rejected

Denzel Washington was almost part of Fast and Furious (Photo: File)

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Denzel Washington is synonymous with great productions cinematographic and, throughout his successful career, he played dozens of characters that went down in history. One of these cases could have occurred in the saga Fast and Furious which, with its nine installments, became one of the most acclaimed stories in the industry. However, for a particular reason that did not happen.

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With the tenth film of Fast and Furious in full production, The franchise had great actors on its staff led by Vin Diesel -who was accompanied since 2001 by Paul Walker-, Dwayne Johnson, Tyrese Gibson, Gal Gadot, Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodríguez., among others. Even for the long-awaited new film, the presence of Jason Momoa in the role of the villain and Daniela Melchior and Brie Larson were confirmed.

Although the list of figures was full of Hollywood stars, many others were very close to signing to participate in the saga but for certain reasons they were unable to do so. One of these unfortunate cases for fans was that of Denzel Washington.



Denzel Washington came very close to starring in Furious 7, released in 2015 after the death of Paul Walker, but turned down the role.

furious 7, launched in 2015 after the death of Paul Walker, it was very close to have the famous star of hits like man on fire (2004) or Deja vu (2006). In that 2013 when the production and casting of the film began, Washington was one of the candidates that sounded the strongest to embody the role of Mr. Nobody that lasted for two other subsequent films.

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This character worked as an agent of the United States government who was in charge of high-ranking covert operations. For the stories of these movies Mr. Nobody recruited Dominic Toretto to lead his missionsdue to his relationship with the enemies and the risk that these challenges meant.

for the cast of furious 7, Denzel Washington was contacted by the producers to audition for the role that ultimately fell to Kurt Russellhighlighted in his performances in The Thing (1982) and Escape from New York (1981).

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The actor was directed by the director in the film Guardians of the Galaxy and assures that he has a wonderful heart

Finally Kurt Russell embodied the role of Mr. Nobody

Although the audition of the protagonist of Flight (2012) met the expectations of the directors, Washington himself turned down the role. Although he claimed to have made that decision, at that time He did not want to give details about the reasons for his election and, to this day, it is a mystery. What is certain is that fans of Fast and Furiousthey would have enjoyed a Mr. Nobody with a unique twist.

The sequel to Fast and Furious

With nine films released to his credit, the successful saga is far from thinking of an outcome. the last installment F9: The Fast Saga (2021), was again a success in theaters around the world despite being trained in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and the producers were emboldened to announce two new films.

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As confirmed weeks ago, the tenth presentation will be named after Fast Xand its release is scheduled for May 19, 2023. As mentioned above, the protagonist of Aquaman, Jason Momoa, will be the brand new addition to the luxury squad, as the villain of the film.

20 years after the first installment, the saga continues to bear fruit

Universal Pictures

20 years after the first installment, the saga continues to bear fruit (Universal Pictures /)

For its part, the last film confirmed so far is about fast and furious 11projected for 2024 . Although the final title is still unknown, it was learned that It will be the direct sequel to fast x

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