What We Know About ‘The Inventor’, the Animated Movie About Leonardo Da Vinci

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“The Inventor” is the new animated film from “Ratatouille” co-creator Jim Capobianco. Here’s what we know about the tapes.

Guillermo del Toro well said that animation is cinema And maybe we’re living in great times for animated movies with delivery pinocchioHe spider verse, just to mention a few. And in that sense, the world is preparing to receive an interesting story in stop-motion. inventorAnimated film about Leonardo da Vinci.

The truth is that There is no special promotion of this film worldwide.Beyond the fact that it premiered at the Annecy Animated Film Festival in June 2023, and it has some key figures in the voice cast, So let’s see what this project is about.

Logo from the movie ‘The Inventor’. Fu: Blue Fox Entertainment.

What We Know About ‘The Inventor’, the Animated Movie About Leonardo Da Vinci

film plot

inventoranimated film about leonardo da vinci, It is much more than a presentation based on the life of the famous Italian polymath, As noted by Collider, the film is set in the Renaissance and will show us some of the masterpieces that da Vinci himself developed.

But this is not just a glimpse of the genius of one of history’s greatest minds; It will also take a look at the stormy side of the protagonist’s personal life and the complexities he had to overcome in order to use his brilliant ingenuity, was constantly chastised by the conservative Italian society of the time,

how that inventor It will tell us about da Vinci’s last years and travels to France This allowed him to harness 100 percent of his intellectual, scientific, and artistic abilities.

film image. Photo: Blue Fox Entertainment.

‘The Inventor’ trailer for the movie about Leonardo da Vinci

yes, there’s already a pretty cool trailer for it inventorFilm about Leonardo da Vinci. The Trailer Was Released Late Last July And It’s Totally Different Its stop-motion animation is combined with a sequence of moving paintings and drawings.,

In the trailer, Leonardo da Vinci is shown as an inquisitive man, eager to experiment beyond what he had achieved as a painter. but constantly, He is surrounded by Italian officials who tell him to confine himself to painting, that he should not continue with his scientific dreams of discovery.

“This Is the Story of How I Became the Great Leonardo da Vinci”, The same is said by the protagonist with the voice of the famous British comedian Stephen Fry as his interpreter. Here’s progress.

director and voice artist

inventorfilm about leonardo da vinci, It is the directorial debut of Jim Capobianco., For those who don’t have her on the radar, let us tell you that this creative is neither more nor less one of the co-producers of the story of Ratatouille from pixar,

And as far as the voice cast goes, in addition to Stephen Fry as Leonardo da Vinci, we have the well-known Marion Cotillard, Daisy Ridley and Matt Berry in the roles of Louise of Savoy, Margaret of Angoulême and Pope Leo X respectively.

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