What were the measurements, height and weight of Selena Quintanilla; She outdid JLo’s curves!


who had more curves, selena quintanilla either JLo? Many are curious to know what the measures, height and weight of the queen of Tex-Mex, since its enviable figure He drew the attention of everyone around him. There are those who think that Selena and Jennifer Lopez had similar bodies, but no, because the singer of “Dance this cumbia“It was more curvaceous and here we will show you.

It’s about to be 28 years since selena quintanilla He died at the hands of Yolanda Saldívar and his memory lives on more than ever. The new generations know the queen of Tex-Mex for her great hits like “Forbidden love“, “As the flower“, “The clunker” and “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom“.

But also, if something caught the attention of the talented singer, it was her beauty and her statuesque figure, who looked incredible with all the outfits that she designed herself with the help of her sister Suzette. After Selena’s death, the family decided to make a biographical film and the chosen one was Jennifer Lopez, given the physical similarity between them.

Jennifer Lopez couldn’t match Selena’s curves. Photo: Instagram @selenaquintnailla_flor

However, JLo failed to match measures of selena quintanilla and there are those who assure that the interpreter of “Jenny From The Block” had to use fillers in the buttocks to look like the late singer. For this reason, fans wonder what were the measures, height and weight of selena and here we have the answer.

These were the measures of Selena Quintanilla that JLo could not match

The measures of selena quintanilla the bust was 89 centimeters, the waist 66 and the hip 94 centimeters, while she weighed 57 kilograms and was 1.65 meters tall according to the site healthy celebrity. For her part, Jennifer Lopez is close to matching these numbers.

Selena Quintanilla had a 66-centimeter waist; she measured 1.65 meters and weighed 57 kilos. Photo: Instagram @popcultureheart

The measures of JLo they are 86 centimeters for the bust, 66 for the waist and 93 for the hip (one centimeter less than Selena); She is 1.64 meters tall and weighs about 59 kilos. The reality is that the difference is minimal, but even so, selena quintanilla is also crowned as the queen of the curves.

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