What will happen if Amber Heard can’t pay Johnny Depp

After an arduous legal battle and after more than six years of having signed the divorce, finally Amber Heard was sentenced to pay him 15 million dollars a Johnny Depp for having defamed him, while the actor will have to give her two million dollars for the same cause.

The verdict found that both they defamedbut the actress carried the biggest burden for the column she put out in the Washington Post introducing herself as victim of domestic violence Y sexual abuseand although he never named Deppthe actor sued her, believing that her words caused the ruin of her career, as well as her image.

However, it is expected that Heard appealed the figure of the sentence since, according to his lawyer, don’t have the budget to face the $15 million that were imposed on him to pay as compensation, although finally was reduced to 10.35 million dollars by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

No checks will be written until the case is finally resolved”, said the lawyer Elaine Bredehoft to The Post newspaper.

What will happen if Amber Heard can’t pay?

the actress already would have expenses of six million dollars only for the trial, according to the lawyer herself, so could not face the sentenceand the following scenarios could occur:


June 24 will be the day that the legal process is concluded, since it is the last day that Amber Heard has to appeal the sentence and in case of not being able to pay, their legal representatives will have to sit down negotiate with Johnny Depp.

appeal verdict

If there is no negotiation and agreement, the actress’s lawyer must appeal the decision of the jury, so a new legal process would be opened to determine how the compensation will be paid, either with type of goods such as properties or with what she receives from her projects as an actress.

file for bankruptcy

Amber Heard could file for bankruptcybut since it is an intentional crime, being aware of the consequences that it could have had, the laws that govern legal processes prevent debt from being discharged of the sentence.

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