What will happen to Amber Heard if Johnny Depp wins the defamation trial

In litigation, Depp accuses her of defamation for an article she published in the newspaper Washington Post in 2018, after his divorce, in which he claimed to have suffered “domestic abuse”.

The actor asks his ex-partner US$50 million for damages.

For his part, Heard has responded with a counterclaim in which he alleges that Depp has launched a smear campaign against him and claims US $ 100 million.

It is the first time that the two celebrities have faced each other in court: in the trial held in 2020 in London, and which Depp lost, the actress attended as a witness, since the accusation was against the British newspaper The Sun for an article that described the actor as an “aggressor of women”.

What will happen to Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

According to international media, it was revealed that, if the jury considers that Amber Heard is guilty in the complaint made by Johnny Depp, then the damages that the actirz will have to pay to the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean.

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It was also revealed that if Depp is guilty of his ex-wife’s counterclaim, the consequences that the actor will have to bear will be determined. In addition, there is the possibility that it will be determined that neither should be compensated for damages.

According to the American newspaper new york postin the event that the jury rules in favor of Amber Heard, she will be able to take the amount of money she demands, added to the cost that the trial has meant for her.

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However, if the jury finds that Amber Heard defamed Depp, she would only have to pay the amount Depp is asking for because the actress does not face a prison sentence because she does not face any criminal charges.

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