What will Shakira announce on September 14? Details that indicate that they will give great news

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shakira He has been preparing for his grand return to music with a new album for months, although nothing is known about it yet. He said this through a picture shared on Instagram Will give explosive news on 14th September, Will this be the long-awaited album announcement?

We keep a close eye on the latest developments shakira, After her split from Piqué, her life has taken a 180-degree turn and we can see it reflected in her music.

Session with Bizarre, I congratulate you, Monotony, TQG,..If there is a common trait in all these songs, it is hatred, anger and regret over the loss of love.

It is well known that the Colombian working on a new album However he and his team have been secretive about the title, date and even the themes that will be a part of it. Rumors suggest that this It will come out in September And in the last few hours we’ve learned a detail that supports this theory.

Less than a week before the 2023 MTV VMA Awards celebration, Interpreter empty cup finalizes his tests forMichael Jackson Receives Video Vanguard AwardWhich recognizes the career and work of one of the artists in the industry.

He will review this race on stage. Shakira’s show is scheduled Be in the mix with your best hitsThe line-up follows his performance at the 2020 Super Bowl, though, and covers all the great songs he’s released over the past 18 months.

What will Shakira do on September 14?

It required a lot of work and planning and he wanted his fans to know that. Sharing a calendar of your next moves Like learning choreography, costumes or camera testing.

However, everything is normal as of now. 14 september -Two days after the VMAs- Whatever is written has been disconnected So that it cannot be read. His fans are very intelligent and know very well that this happens because some big announcement or news is about to come.

Will you announce the album now?

What do you know about Shakira’s new album?

The title of the new ELP has also been leaked by a Puerto Rican podcast Mollusk TVHappen underlying desireThat’s what carries one of the new themes that are part of this work.

In addition to those already consolidated hits, the list of collaborations 19 songs of the albumAccording to Puerto Rican media – although neither the artist nor the record company have confirmed anything – it also includes the participation of other great artists from around the world. Rosalía, Ed Sheeran or Bad Bunny.

Rumors about Motomami’s collaboration with the creator have been circulating for a long time. since the colombian recorded Congratulations With Rosalía’s then-boyfriend Raw Alejandro, fans of the two have been speculating about that four-hand job. Singers know and admire each otherAnd according to the leak, this achievement could be a reality and will be titled away from me.

For his part, after the collaboration with Ozuna and Rave Alejandro, many fans of the artist asked him to work with him.Complete the triangle with Bad Bunny, Based on Shakira’s statements, this idea had been in her mind for a long time and one of the clues she could have left is the white rabbit that appears. monotony, Furthermore, alarm bells went off when they asked him about it and his response was: “I’m waiting for him to call me bunny, yes! How do you know?”, This seems to be a fact and according to Mollusco TV, everyone will be able to hear the long-awaited duet in September. I looked towards the sky.

He feat with Distasteful game This is not a surprise to anyone: Barranquilla and Chris Martin are very good friends and have shared the stage and sung duets Yellowby British bands, and Blackmail, from Colombian. “He’s always there and tells me he’s there for me, for anything I have,” she said in an interview about Martin’s great support at this stage of her life. Now both will sign the song together Violation,

And another detail about these collaborations: reggaeton singer Ozuna will appear twice in this album and they will premiere the song together. origami,

underlying desire —the song that gives its name to the album—, A question, who want, little value, shade, invert, judge, exclude And wild times They, supposedly, songs she’ll sing alone And he emerged from that ‘therapy’.

Will you announce it on September 14? We will know in a week.

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