What will Warner Bros do with the premiere of The Flash?

Warner Bros faces a crisis over Ezra Miller, as they do not know what strategy to follow for the premiere of The Flash

When it was confirmed that Ezra Miller would be Flash in the cinematic universe of DC Comics, it was not known that he would turn out to be such an artist problematic for study. After his multiple altercations in Hawaii and being accused of supply drugs a girl when she was underage, Miller’s erratic behavior has become a real headache for the study and everything indicates that will hurt the premiere of The Flash.

A new report from Deadline reported that the new CEO of Warner Bros Discovery, David Zaslav, has begun planning what the company will do with the film given that Ezra Miller it seems that he will not cooperate to clean up his image and the project had a budget of $200 million dollars.

What are the options that Warner has to deal with this crisis? Will we be able to see at some point the premiere of TheFlash? Here we explain!


What options does Warner Bros have?

The report ensures that Zaslav is analyzing at least 3 main options and it will soon be known what course of action they will take. Among them is withdraw the promotion of the film and not go on any publicity tour. This could save the studio marketing costs, but they run the risk that people won’t be as aware of the premiere and the box office is affected.

The second option is premiere the film directly on HBO MAX as it has done with other productions during the pandemic, comeither Wonder Woman 1984, Godzilla vs. Kong, and The Suicide Squad. But Warner had supposedly made the decision to release his films exclusively in movie theaters and wait 45 days to release them on HBO Max. That was the strategy they followed with batman and it was a resounding success both in cinematic complexes and in streaming. However, this would be the way out easier if they want to minimize the figure of Miller as the star of the film.

The third option is to act as if nothing happened and release the film in the summer of 2023 and then withdraw the role from Miller, while reduce your presence on promotional tours. This, in fact, was an experiment that he already applied with Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets, since neither Miller nor JK Rowling they were part of the promotional tour, which had a normal international magnitude for a blockbuster film.

We could also see this case with artists like Ansel Elgort, who did not participate in the West Side Story promotional tour when it premiered last year. and the tape Gal Gadot: Death on the Nile, minimized the presence of Armie Hammer despite being a co-star. This strategy could be extremely beneficial, but it all depends on Miller stops starring in the conversation on social networks with his erratic and violent behavior, which is probably not going to happen.


A game without winners

Zaslav has made clear its desire to grow the DC Universe to the scale of the MCU by creating large-scale projects. Flash is a great example of that by investing so much money and bringing back Michael Keaton What Batman along with the farewell Ben Affleck to attract fans to movie theaters. For these reasons, and the fact that They finished filming the movie. it would be extremely expensive to try to replace it, even with CGI, since it would mean make the movie from scratch.

Until now, Warner Bros has refused to comment on MillerHowever, Deadline reported that the studio has tried to get help for the actor without any success.. “Warner Bros does not win in this”, a studio source said. “This is a legacy issue for Zaslav. The hope is that the scandal will be kept to a minimum before the film is released, and we hope for the best.”


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