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We are in mid-January 2022 and the big releases of this period are starting to appear on the horizon. Today, January 15, 2022However, we need to focus on what we can actually play over the weekend. Between a family commitment and work duties, video game fans will perhaps find some space for one of the games released earlier this month, or in one of the many titles on their backlog. Tell us, what will you play this weekend?

This week it was finally released, on PC, Monster Hunter Rise. After months of exclusivity on Nintendo Switch, Capcom’s game has landed on computers all over the world. Of course we didn’t miss the chance to review it for you, and we found that it is a great game in this version as well.

Two creatures of Monster Hunter Rise

Two creatures of Monster Hunter Rise

However, if you have already started hunting monsters, perhaps you have decided to dedicate yourself to a more cheerful and quick one Rescue Party: Live!, of which you can read the review here. This party game (4 players maximum) will put us in the shoes of a firefighter and we will have to save the lives of as many people as possible, with a gameplay structure that is very reminiscent of Overcooked !.

Many PC gamers, however, will have opted for God of War. The PS4 game has also landed on the computer, with a whole series of graphical enhancements. The game of Santa Monica is still a masterpiece and, waiting for the sequel, is perfect for discovering how the adventures of Kratos continued after the Greek epic. Here is our review and technical analysis from Digital Foundry.

Now it’s your turn: tell us, what will you be playing this weekend of January 15, 2022?

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