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Although the benefits of moderate exercise have been widely documented, many people with chronic health conditions or who are elderly find it difficult to move on a daily basis.

That’s right, it’s the case that a viewer named Gloria raised with us in a virtual meeting we had with the Argentine nephrologist and cardiologist Gabriel Lapman and his wife, the comprehensive nutrition expert Yael Hasbani.

Gloria asked what would be the best exercises for her mother who has diabetes and a lot of pain in her body at 79 years old.

Dr. Gabriel Lapman, a nephrologist and cardiologist in Argentina, explains that “you always have to start small. High expectations are the mother of frustration. There are people who want to run a marathon without even walking a block.”

“A study that tells us that taking just 2,000 steps a day is associated with decreased all-cause mortality. Cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes. So let’s start measuring how much we walk.”

The doctor recommends that “if the lady begins to walk, especially after eating because diabetes is very good to exercise after each meal because it lowers blood glucose levels and requires less insulin. The person will go little by little generating this a habit that if you maintain it over time you can walk perhaps a thousand the first day, two thousand a week”.

The study found that Tirzepatide, combined with diet and exercise, helped participants lose up to 52 pounds.

They also advise exercises in the water that are not high impact, but always consult your doctor beforehand. They recommend not only exercising, but also incorporating other components of lifestyle medicine like adding more whole plant-based foods to your diet and getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

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