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Faced with a hypothetical scenario, a Russian legislator evaluated what he believes Moscow’s first objective in Europe should be if the war in Ukraine escalates to a Third World war. This is Andrey Gurulyov, former deputy commander of the southern military district of Russiaknown ally of the Kremlin leader, Vladimir Putin.

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Speaking to a Russian government-backed television channel, Gurulyov made the comment during a discussion about Lithuania’s blockade of the neighboring Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.

Moscow has since issued threats of retaliation after Vilnius imposed sanctions on embargoed goods transiting and entering Russian territory from the Baltic Sea.

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In this way, Gurulyov raised the possibility of invading the Baltic in his strategy and thus seeking to revert the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, to its previous name as Vilno, and the Estonian capital, Tallinn, to its tsarist identity as Reval, according to what the media reconstructed. Spanish ABC.

Both Estonia and Lithuania are NATO countries, meaning: any invasion by Russia would trigger Article 5, which could cause a Third World War. In this hypothetical scenario, Gurulyov assured that the West “would not have a stomach”.

The first city to attack

London is the ‘first to be hit’ if World War 3 starts.

An excerpt from the interview was broadcast on the networks by Ukraine’s internal affairs adviser Anton Gerashchenko on Twitter.

He posted the video on his profile, writing: “London is the ‘first to be hit’ if World War III breaks out, says Andrey Gurulyov, a close political ally of Putin. But what about the families of Russian politicians and oligarchs who live in London?

“We will destroy the entire group of enemy space satellites during the first air operation”he stated last Wednesday during his visit to the Vremya Pakazhet program (Time will tell, in Spanish).

“No one will care if they are American or British, we would see them all as NATO,” he said, anticipating that Russia “would mitigate the entire anti-missile defense system.”

“The first to be attacked will be London. Without a doubt, the threat to the world comes from the Anglo-Saxons, ”he warned, specifying that Russia would attack critically important sites that would cut off electricity supplies to Europe.

“We will see what the United States will say to Europe if they have to fight in the cold, without electricity and without food,” the Putin ally challenged on the Russian television program.


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