What You Need to Know About Los Temerarios Music Festivals

On August 28, we got the sad news that these two had teamed up Adolfo Angel and Gustavo Angel Alba, DaringAnnounced their separation after a career spanning 46 years and a long career full of successes come because i need you, gathering a huge number of fans mainly in Mexico. His announcement along with this news Last concert in Monterrey and CDMX They managed to run out in the blink of an eye.

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In addition to visiting the Mexican Republic, Daring They have also confirmed shows in the United States and Latin America, where they will revisit favorite songs from both the group and their followers for the last time.

on 30 august sales for concert series Daringwhich will happen in Arena Mexico City He 14 and 15 February in 2024, and as a result of the confirmation of their separation, stamp For these dates they ran out in a matter of hours, so a third show has been confirmed. 16 February 2024, The same happened in Monterrey, where it was confirmed on 1 March as an additional presentation at the Arena Monterrey.

high demand for tickets Daring This concluded with a fourth date at the Arena Ciudad de México, which would take place on 17 February.

How much are Daredevils tickets?

los temerarios goodbye tourTopic always see youWill reach to Arena Mexico City on February 14, 15, 16 and 17, 2024, and the ticket price is approximately $4,380, up to approximately 560 pesos.

  • VIP: $4380
  • Red: $3765
  • Barcelona Fire: $3138
  • Pepsi Zone: $3138
  • Yellow: $3138
  • Rochefrance: $2510
  • McCormick: $2,510
  • Aztec Bank: $2510
  • Green: $2510
  • Platinum Super Box: $2134
  • Gold Super Box: $2134
  • Super Box Various Capacities: $2134
  • Light Blue: $2134
  • Platinum Super Box Limited Views: $2,134
  • Super Palco Gold Limited View: $2134
  • Purple: $1757
  • Aqua: $1056
  • Pink: $1004
  • Rose Limited View: $1004
  • Coffee: $753
  • Limited View Coffee: $753
  • Grey: $565
  • Limited View Gray: $565

Portal super ticket It is known for not often doing pre-sales, so tickets went on sale after the announcement.

in this series Los Temerarios concertsFans will be able to take a tour of the brothers’ careers sunrise With the most important songs from the group, Knowing It’s Not Goodbye, because as the name of the tour suggests, it’s a goodbye always see you,

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