what you need to know to book your holidays

Summer is approaching and many Italians are booking their holidays after another year affected by the Covid pandemic. Let’s see what rules you must respect to go to the beach or to the city, in Italy or abroad.

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May 1st will see the end of the restrictions against Covid in Italy, or at least this foresees the government roadmap outlined with the latest Covid decree in March. While waiting for it to be understood if and when the executive decides to extend some rules, officially in less than a week the Italians will be able to basically say goodbye to masks and green passes. This will obviously lead to differences in the organization of the next summer holidays, which at this point millions of Italians hope to be able to pass into a situation of substantial normality (and of coexistence, now definitive, with Covid).

In Italy from May 1st it will no longer be mandatory to show the green pass, except in hospitals and RSAs to visit patients. Therefore, even for traveling between the various Regions there will be no more restrictions of any kind, regardless of vaccination or Covid tampons. This applies to everything: from means of transport, such as trains and airplanes, to bars and restaurants, passing through hotels (where green certification is no longer required as of April 1st). In short, there will be no differences. After two years of restrictions, the spacing rules on the beach will also be canceled: the 10 square meters reserved for an umbrella will no longer be needed.

To go abroad the situation is different and above all it changes from country to country. For example, in the United Kingdom there are no longer any restrictions on either the population or on entry into the country for those arriving from outside the country. In most European countries, however, the green pass or a negative, antigenic or molecular swab is still required. The best solution, in case you want to organize a trip, is to check on the Viaggiare Sicuri site of the Farnesina what you need to do according to the country you are going to. More than anything else because, between now and the summer, it is highly probable that the rules will change again. At the European level, the green pass could be abandoned precisely in view of the summer season and with a view to promoting greater circulation of people.

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