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They are discussing the latest statements by Pascal Soriot, CEO of AstraZeneca. “The low diffusion of our vaccine – were his words released to the Bbccould explain the current increase in Covid infections in Europe“. According to Soriot, people who have received AstraZeneca have immune protection that lasts longer than others. An interpretation that, however, was immediately denied by the experts, who reiterated the effectiveness and safety of mRna vaccines in the fight against Covid.

What they have been silent about for two months.  Report, the reactions of AstraZeneca: the latest bomb on Aifa

All vaccines are extremely effective – is the verdict of the experts interviewed by Guardian – all favor the development of the whole range of immunities, including neutralizing antibodies and different types of T cells ”. For Soriot, the advantage of AstraZeneca would be that of having a greater ability to activate cells: “Let’s look at the United Kingdom. There has been a large spike in infections, but not as many hospitalizations compared to other parts of Europe. In the UK our vaccine has been used to immunize older people, while in other countries it was preferred not to use this formula for them ”.

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In short, the CEO of AstraZeneca is trying to bring water to his mill, also because the multinational has decided to start making profits with its vaccine: will no longer sign non-profit agreements. “We started without profit to help the world health crisis – said Soriot – but we have always said that we would move on to make a profit on the vaccine”.

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