What’s new and how to download the latest stable version

We explain what the new Android Auto update brings, now available to everyone.

We’ll tell you what they are What’s new in Android Auto 12.3a new update to this car operating system that Google has published and which can now be downloaded from Google Play. Android Auto is installed on a mobile phone as an application and, when connected to the car console via cable or Bluetooth, runs on it as an operating system.

Don’t worry too much because this is one of those versions where no aesthetic changesalthough it is still important to update and we are also going to explain why.

What’s new in Android Auto 12.3

Android Auto is one of those cyclical update apps that doesn’t introduce new features. Sometimes there are slight differences between version and version, but 12.3 is one of those versions where there are no external changesneither from an aesthetic point of view, nor from a functional point of view.

However, we see confirmation of a change that occurred in the previous version. Sometimes there are some aesthetic changes in a version and Google decides to roll them back in the next update, but in that version the icons for apps that cannot be used while the car is running remain greyed out. So it seems like this is a change that is here to stay.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not important to keep the app updated as Google prioritizes fixing bugs, internal bugs, and stability issues. That’s why, Perhaps some bugs have been fixed in the application that you don’t even know they’re there, but they can dangerously appear while driving.

And the news about Android Auto is coming inside, and since it is a system for use in the car any error in the application can be fatal. That’s why Android Auto updates can’t just launch a new feature and then improve it, because every glitch can cost lives. Compatibility with new car models can also be added.

Update to Android Auto 12.3

We are talking about the stable version of Android 12.3, which makes it Anyone can update in an easy way You can do this directly through Google Play by searching for updates to the applications installed on your mobile phone, among which Android Auto will appear.

You can also download the update manually. by downloading its APK from APKMirror. The only decision you need to make is to choose the architecture of your mobile phone, ARM or ARM64, and download the latest version available. If you have a modern mobile phone, then it is almost certainly ARM64. Once downloaded, you just need to install the APK file on your Android.

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