What’s the Lana Del Rey “prophecy” that’s got the internet going crazy?

we all know that king’s wool She practices magic in her spare time… but what is Lana’s prediction that has the internet going crazy? And more importantly: is it coming true? Let us explain: In 2020, Lana faced criticism after she shared “Questions to the Culture” on Instagram, in which she called her critics “pathetic.” Although it was not common, Lana suggested that it was harder for her than most women in the music industry. He compared his experience to that of a mostly black cast list.

Lana wrote: “Now that Doja Cat, Ariana, Camila, Cardi B, Kehlani and Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé You have songs about being sexy, not wearing clothes, having sex, cheating, etc. So can I re-incarnate, feeling beautiful in love even if the relationship isn’t perfect, or dancing for money I can sing Or what do I want, without being crucified or saying that I am glamorizing abuse?” As we remember, this letter was widely criticized at the time.


Infamous "questions for culture" Lana Del Rey's since 2020, and the basis of "Prediction",  Photography: Subway
The basis for Lana Del Rey’s infamous 2020 “Culture Question,” and “Prediction.” Photography: Subway

Now, fast forward to 2023 and the past few weeks, there has been a scandal over the order in which Lana listed the names of each celebrity in that post. First of all, doja cat He has been criticized for telling his fans that he doesn’t love them and for deleting his accounts from them. Then, Ariana Grande It was reported that he is getting divorced and it has been revealed that he has started a relationship with his co-star. Wicked, ethan slater, who was also married with a newborn baby. Third, reports surfaced that Camila Cabello was reportedly dating Raw Alejandro Few days later they announced their breakup rosaliasomething that was later discredited.

Following the news, it didn’t take long for Lana’s fans to recognize that the events were on the singer’s list and dubbed it “prophetic”. king’s woolAnd started going viral on Twitter and Tiktok. Most of all, Cardi B went viral last weekend for throwing a microphone at a fan. Problem is, Lana fans took the prediction into their own hands, adding misinformation to the mix, tweeting a fake Kehlani Instagram story with the caption: “I broke my leg at the Beyoncé concert today.” After some time it was found that nicki minaj He was a victim of swatting. According to tmz, someone calls 911 and claims that a man has been shot at Nicki’s home. After this, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s representatives reached his house.


amidst the invented lies of Kehlani and the actual incident that Nicki just suffered, more TikTok videos and tweets claiming that Lana’s predictions are coming true, especially Because erika badu accused beyoncé to copy his look on tour Renaissance, He posted a picture comparing a set beyoncé Her accompanying caption: “I guess I’m everyone’s stylist.” However, somehow Kehlani got rid of this scandal and now Aadesh is upset. In other words, Lana may be a sorceress, but her predicament is nothing more than an internet myth.


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