WhatsApp, a new beta appears and with renewed voice functions

A setting is about to be introduced that we all wished we had before, but which, for some reason, we did not have. Now, thanks to the next Whatsapp update, we will finally be able to make use of it.

The new Whatsapp patch will make the application easier to use; listening to voice messages has been a practice in use for many years on the other hand –

The updates of Whatsapp tend to arrive continuously and non-stop, which is why we talk very often aboutapplication in question. However, the new feature that should arrive shortly, however, will be aimed at improve an option already present inapp.

They are usually added functions continuously, but this is not the case: we are talking, more than anything else, about an option capable of solving a problem persistent and that many users had reported.

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But not to do it to remove, of course, but to warn them developers of Whatsapp to improve it even more through updates. We can say that that moment finally came after several months of waiting.

What the feature consists of

WhatsApp, a new beta appears and with renewed voice functions
Among the features that Whatsapp offers us, we will have the opportunity to create a business account to be managed as we see fit –

Let’s talk about the faster playback of vowels, which arrived in May along with support multi-device arrived directly in the summer. The functions for the transcription of vowels and the possibility of pause the recordings.

Be that as it may, looking into the beta code of Whatsapp for iOS, as WaBetaInfo suggests, we find an unprecedented setting and still under development, which should allow play the vowels with the 2x speed. But it will not be aimed at the normal audio that we already know, how much more to those forwarded.

In fact, if you receive a voice message of another chat, we can see that it is not possible to listen to it in the various speeds available. The novelty should be the following: allow the speeding up audio from others as well conversations. By doing this we will be able to solve the problem according to which it was not allowed to hear them with the double the speed.

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The setting appears to be available for the future in the future iOS, but it is possible that too Android himself can make use of them later. And since the feature is not even present on thebeta app, it will probably be difficult to understand how long it will take before it comes released.

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