WhatsApp adds a feature that will forever change the way you listen to audio

A WhatsApp trick that allows you to listen to audio recordings without anyone knowing about it.

WhatsApp, the popular Meta messaging app, continues to innovate to improve the user experience when sending messages and calling. Now, a new feature has been revealed that will revolutionize the way users interact with voice audio.

According to the chronicle

After announcing that the green-logo app would include an AI assistant called Imagine and that it would eliminate the need to schedule contacts to make calls, the latest thing to emerge is that it’s working on an option that will allow read.

This was reported by WaBetaInfo, a site that specializes in uncovering news about the app, which has more than 2 billion users worldwide. According to this page, this feature was introduced in the beta version of WhatsApp; that is, it is in full development.

This new tool will allow users to automatically receive the text of voice messages in one app, eliminating the need to resort to third-party apps. As it became known, it will support several languages, such as English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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