WhatsApp Azul: WhatsApp Plus, version 19.32.0: What are the improvements of the APK and how to install the update?

WhatsApp continues to surprise all its users with WhatsApp Plus, because it has been maintained with many updates to provide one of the best communication services in the world, so here we will tell you in detail the new updates in version 19.32.0.

WhatsApp Plus: What is new and corrected in version 19.32.0?

One of the most frequent updates is the APK of WhatsApp Plus, where it also allows you a better ability to modify the voice in the audio notes that you want to send, It also offers new direct accessories, which gives you the possibility to go to the first moment of the chat you just opened.

How to install WhatsApp Plus APK update?

  • Delete the original WhatsApp application
  • Download the APK of the platform on any page where it is available
  • Grant Chrome permissions to be able to install it
  • If it cannot be downloaded, go to settings, applications and if you see an application that says WhatsApp, but without the logo, delete it
  • Download it again and register your cell phone number.

Who created WhatsApp Plus?

The modified version of the messaging service was developed by a Spaniard known on the internet as Rafalense, so he was the one in charge of this new update.


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