Whatsapp, how accounts steal: the explanation

Here’s how criminals get hold of people’s Whatsapp profiles. There have been several reports of such cases in the last period

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There Whatsapp security it is a topic that is a bit close to everyone’s heart, which is why news concerning this issue always draws attention. Despite the great work of the producers of the best known instant messaging application, from time to time some inconvenience may occur.

This time, however, users were alarmed in a rather decisive way, given that There have been several reports of account theft. A rather unfortunate situation which fortunately seems to have returned.

Whatsapp: the police explanation for the stolen account scam

In practice, many users found themselves for a few hours without their profile, which in the meantime had ended up in the hands of others. Everything happened because of the “fault” of Whatsapp Web. As is known to many, to use theWhatsapp desktop application basically you need a verification code, which in this case seems to have ended up in the evil hands of hacker.

As a result of this there have been several complaints, which led to the State Police to issue an official statement on the matter. In practice, the police have explained what happens in these cases.

Nothing new, indeed it is a well-known and consolidated technique, namely that of phishing. Criminals basically manage to get a sms to the chosen victim in which this code is requested to be sent, however, making the telephone number of a contact present in the address book appear as the sender.

Once you have replied to the SMS, your Whatsapp is actually delivered to third parties who can use it on another device, but referring to the telephone number of the deceived person, who effectively loses ownership of the account.

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As a result of this the advice to follow is always the same, that is to say never reply to suspicious messages or emails requesting personal or banking information. Indeed, if you come across such contents, it is good to report them to allow those in charge to unmask those who commit fraudulent actions.

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