WhatsApp, how to find out where your contact is: ingenious trick

WhatsApp is always full of news and this time users have discovered a trick that allows them to find out where a contact is: how it works.

The new trick on the instant messaging application (via screenshot)

The news never ends up Whatsapp, with the application that also allows you to physically find one of our contacts in the address book. It all happens through the IP code, linked to the network you are connected to. Today, carrying out such an operation is very simple and is within the reach of all users. In fact for go back to the IP of a contact, just use the right program, which in this case is’IPLogger‘.

This service manages to trace back the IP thanks to a link what can be shared on WhatsApp, Facebook and by email. Once the link is clicked, the program will succeed trace the position of the contract sought. Obviously it will not be possible to trace the precise address but more or less the area from which you are connected, an operation carried out regularly by almost all advertising sites.

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WhatsApp, news for the PC version: big changes for users

New very important news for all users (via screenshot)

There are always many updates that involve Whatsapp. This time, however, the latest update does not concern the mobile version but the one for pc. In fact the novelty comes for both Windows that for macOS. The Beta version is already available for download on the Microsoft Store. Plus the new one Universal Windows App (UWP) of Whatsapp has been completely rewritten from scratch, and in its version Windows 11 it also integrates the renewed ones Acrylic graphic effects. With the new operating system also increases the speed of the application that will open in less than a second.

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The drawing function, which allows you to draw on a dedicated panel and send the result as an image. Notifications will be sent even when the application is closed. According to the portal Lumia updates only the stickers would be missing, which most likely will be added in subsequent versions. As for iOS, the updated application should also work on iPad. At the moment, however, there is no information regarding the arrival date on Mac nor on the iPad.

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