WhatsApp Launches New Feature That Will Protect You From Scammers

WhatsApp groups are often used cyber scammers and being added to one of them, apparently without prior consent, is an experience that many users of the platform have had. So one day you find yourself added to a created number with suspicious prefixbut in which many people are chatting animatedly, for example, about cryptocurrencies and investments. It seems that everyone follows the advice of the supposed expert very well, and if you are interested in the topic, a private conversation is established with the scammer, in which he will do his best. so that you end up “investing” where you shouldn’t by providing bank details or other personal information.This is one of many schemes that are being developed in this area and to which WhatsApp wants to put an end to this with a new feature it is rolling out worldwide..

Meta announced context maps which have the function provide relevant information about the group to which the user is invited.. With this new feature, when you receive an invitation to a group, you will be able to see the information provided in the profile. the date the group was created, a brief description of its purpose, and the person who originally created it.This will help you make a more informed decision whether to accept an invitation to join a group or not.

Will Cathcartthe head of WhatsApp, explained on his channel in the app that “we’re adding a new safety feature for groups: context cards!” The feature will give you additional information about the group if you are added by someone you don’t know, and will make it easier for you to leave the group and report a suspicious group.“This is another layer of security we’ve built on top of existing features like silencing unknown calls, privacy checks, and controlling who can add you to groups.”

Deployment gradualso it may take some time for this feature to work for all users.

How to Stop Unknown Numbers from Adding You to WhatsApp Groups

As Cathcart mentions in his message, the most direct way to avoid getting into such a situation is to set up the app so that you decide who can invite you to a groupBy default, any phone number can do this, and to change this setting, you need to do the following:

  • Opens WhatsApp and click on the menu 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner of your mobile phone screen.
  • Choose Settings and then Confidentiality.
  • Click on Groups and then in My contacts so that only numbers that are in your phone book can add you to WhatsApp groups.

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