WhatsApp Plus 2022 20.20.0: download and news

We already have available download whatsapp plus 2022 20.20.0an update with small new features, among which a new system to see the status of our contacts directly on the home screen of the mobile stands out.

The well-known WhatsApp Plus is a version of the Android application designed by the HeyMods group, with many exclusive features that are not in the original. Like other WhatsApp mods, it allows you to customize the design, has better privacy and bypasses many of the limits imposed by the company.

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Now integrates the ability to send the photos of the States to the home screen of our contacts, so they can see them on the desktop directly. It will only happen with those contacts that we mark as “close friends” in WhatsApp Plus, and who accept the request.

Image - WhatsApp Plus 2022 20.20.0: download and news

To see the States on the home screen is need to download the LiveIn LivePic widget, which syncs with WhatsApp Plus. In fact, LivePic by LiveIn has been on WhatsApp Plus for weeks, and it makes real sense now that it integrates with States automatically.

This is what an example image would look like in the Android widget:

Image - WhatsApp Plus 2022 20.20.0: download and news

Sometimes the privacy offered by mods is not very clear, but in this case LivePic by LiveIn is stricter than the original States themselves, requiring both contacts to accept each other.

The rest of the news in WhatsApp Plus 2022 20.20.0 are improvements and optimizations. For example, if resolve “Application Not Responding” (ANR) errors on Android 11 and 12something that improves fluidity and stability.

In addition, the APK installer file size is smaller, something important for those who have a limited data rate. Finally, other small bugs in the application are fixed.

At the end of the article we leave the link to download WhatsApp Plus 2022 20.20.0, we have also explained step by step how to update WhatsApp Plus in case we are already users.

Instead, for now the reactions to the messages are only in WhatsApp Plus Beta, and not in the version that concerns us. The developers are going to test them with a small group of users before releasing them to the whole world.

In summary, WhatsApp Plus 2022 20.20.0 worth tryingbecause it polishes an application that was already very complete, and capable of greatly expanding the possibilities of instant messaging if we have an Android mobile.

  1. Download WhatsApp Plus 2022 20.20.0 for Android


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